Zenfone 10 Pre Order – Full Details, Where To Buy, Price, Availability

USA Zenfone 10 pre orders now available! Proper US Variant! Click here – Zenfone 10 starting at $699 US Version – Amazon.com

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No more waiting! The Zenfone 10 has been officially announced and it’s available to buy in some areas of the world. We will keep you posted on where you can pre order and what options you have in terms of colors and configurations. ASUS has really sped up their delivery of the Zenfone series and pre orders followed immediately after the launch event.

So now is the time for our favorite post on the website. We will provide you will all the Zenfone 10 pre order details here! Release dates, prices, model numbers and tidbits will all be here. We will update this page on an ongoing basis so please keep coming back here for the latest details!

Zenfone 10 launch date: June 29, 2023

Zenfone 10 Price:

8GB / 128GB – €799.00

16GB / 512GB – €849.00 – €929.00

Start of Zenfone 10 pre orders: We expect Asia and Europe to have pre orders available almost immediately following the event. Other countries like the UK and USA will have to wait if it’s like other years. As for Canada it’s hard to say if the Zenfone 10 will see a release. If you recall, the Zenfone 9 was never officially released into Canada but you could buy via the US and have it shipped into Canada. Not ideal but a possible work around.

What Zenfone 10 colors are available?

Aurora Green, Midnight Black, Comet White, Eclipse Red, Starry Blue

Note: Configurations and color availability vary from country to country.

What’s the best new feature on the Zenfone 10?

Everything has obviously been updated from the Zenfone 9 from cameras to processor. The biggest new feature however would be the addition of wireless charging. There were quite a few comments from last year about the lack of wireless charging with the Zenfone 9. Clearly ASUS heard the feedback and made that an addition to this years Zenfone 10. To us though, the fact that ASUS didn’t change a lot from the Zenfone 9 is a pleasant change! Change for the sake of change is never a good thing but seems to happen all the time in the technology industry. Keep what works. We love that!

Model Numbers: These are partially accurate. We are making some assumptions and will have official confirmed model numbers right around the launch event.

ASUS_AI2302 (official)


AI2302-8G128G-BK-EU (black)
AI2302-8G256G-BK-EU (black)
AI2302-8G256G-GN-EU (green)
AI2302-8G256G-BU-EU (blue)
AI2302-8G256G-WH-EU (white)
AI2302-8G256G-RD-EU (red)
AI2302-16G512G-BK-EU (black)
AI2302-16G512G-GN-EU (green)

North American US Zenfone 10 Variants (unofficial):



AI2302-16G256G-BK — B0BBP4HCSN
AI2302-16G256G-WH **configuration may not be released

The new green color Zenfone 10 may not be released in the US market. These are our best guesses in terms of model numbers:



A lot more updates coming!!!


Does the Zenfone 10 have stylus support?

We never claim to be better than anyone else out there. Not smarter that’s for sure! But do we have a “keener” eye than some? Perhaps you can share with us in the comments if we’re onto something. What the meaning is of this interesting item in the official ASUS teaser image? This image is part of the main Zenfone 10 launch marketing page. Red herrings just for giggles? Frankly speaking, we can only draw one conclusion here. And yes, we’re having a bit of fun with this while awaiting the launch event.

First let’s look at the photo as featured on ASUS’ own launch page:

Go ahead for a moment. It’s like a game! You can identify the items within that image which pertain to some element or feature of the Zenfone 10. Let’s help you out a bit.

Headphones = headphone jack

Camera = camera

Gimble = stabilization

Charging pad = wireless charging

Battery pack = big battery life

Keyboard = (not reading much into that but perhaps improved AI)

Plant = green color?


Pen = Zenfone 10 stylus?

What conclusion can you draw from the inclusion of a pen in this image? We can’t make any other conclusion other than ASUS is bringing stylus support to the Zenfone 10. The main players when it comes to sylus pen aka pencil input are well known brands. Stylus input has been around for a long while now. So would ASUS bring this into the “fold” with the Zenfone 10? We say it’s entirely possible.

If the Zenfone 10 is keeping a lot of “sameness” when it comes to the Zenfone 9, then the addition of an option pen/pencil/stylus accessory would help the Zenfone 10 differentiate itself from the Zenfone 9. To be clear, we have no indications from anywhere that ASUS is bringing stylus support to the Zenfone series. Color us curious though. Aside from the keyboard, the pen sticks out like a sore thumb to us.

But seriously. Please explain what significance the pen in the image is. A red herring? That seems too odd to us. Sure you could point to the keyboard and say that doesn’t make sense in the same way the pen may not make sense. Fair enough. We ask why ASUS would put 2 red herrings into a teaser image. Possible? Yes. Likely? Not really.

You tell us in the comment section. Are we delusional in thinking there is something to this? Is pen input something that is remotely interesting to you? Please share a thought in the comment section!

First official render of the ASUS Zenfone 10 – What we think so far

Well we are quite aware of how these things go it seems. As we suspected, we were days from a leak (or not so much) of an official render of the new Zenfone 10 series. Here we are folks!

Don’t let your eyes deceive you. This is indeed the Zenfone 10 and not the Zenfone 9. At first glance we get it. Not much has changed by the looks of it. However that is a good thing. No need to reinvent the wheel. That’s what we say!

No doubt we like the new colors! ASUS has gone with a white, red and green variety this time around. Sure there was a red Zenfone 9 but we are liking the pop of this new red color. Please don’t get your hopes up in all markets! We’ve seen in the past that all colors are not released in all markets. Most likely Europe and Asia will get the full slate of colors. The rest of the globe will have to wait and see. For example, the Zenfone 9 in North America got access to 4 colors but in limited supply. With a 5th color added, it may be a bit more debatable what colors decides on for some markets.

Same style camera bumps and design. That’s all good from our perspective. A bit more ASUS branding on the rear, along with the ASUS “A” icon logo in the bottom right corner. That’s a good way of creating some distinction between the ZF9 and ZF10.

Not that many sleeps left until ASUS takes the wraps off the Zenfone 10 and for the rollout of the pre orders. Expect a lot of similarities in terms of timelines to pre orders and for pricing. Stay tuned folks. It’s going to get good from this point up until the launch on June 29, 2023!

ASUS shows the Zenfone 10 rear camera in official teaser

Cameras are a big part of a mobile phone experience and ASUS clearly likes what they have going on with the Zenfone 9 design. In fact, it appears that the Zenfone 10 will feature the same design rear camera design as its predessesor.

The teaser video is short but if you pay attention you will get your first glimpse of the rear camera (one of two) on the Zenfone 10.

We managed to isolate the rear of the Zenfone 10 here:

We’ve heard some pretty interested specs on the rear cameras in terms of megapixel count. ASUS hasn’t released details on the cameras yet aside from the stabilization that’s inside the Zenfone 10.

At this point we’re hoping for Zenfone 10 renders which typically find their way onto the internet prior to the launch event. With the Zenfone 9 getting so many rave reviews, we’re completely fine with keeping a lot of the same design elements with the Zenfone 10. There will most certainly be more technology inside those new cameras though, most definitely!

Here is the official teaser:

It’s time for Zenfone 10

Well it appears we are coming in a bit behind schedule on this one! No excuses. We messed up! That said? Get ready for all things Zenfone 10 as we are heading right into the release events very soon. June 29th. Mark it on your calendars!

With ASUS putting out some official details there is accurate information to delve into. No rumors this time around!


The early rumors suggested ASUS going bigger this year, but nope. The Zenfone 10 is the same 5.9-inch size as the Zenfone 9.

Best New Features:

Wireless charging is coming to the Zenfone 10. This was a big issue for some prospective buyers with the Zenfone 9.

A second-gen six-axis gimbal stabilization.

Powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2.

Our expectations:

Faster CPU, likely same battery life, improved cameras, headphone jack, new colors, similar or same price as last year.

Our expectation is for ASUS to build upon the Zenfone 9. The Zenfone 10 appears to have the same camera design in the rear based on what ASUS showed briefly in a Zenfone 10 teaser video.

[source: ASUS]

ZenFone 9 Pre Order – Full Details, Where To Buy, Price, Availability

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   Shopping Links:

–> Starting at $649 – In stock and shipping – Proper North American Variant – Amazon.com click here


Note: With our link above, the landing page gives you access to all colors and configurations available to buy. If you’re from Canada and are logged into Amazon using your Canadian address, only those models with shipping to Canada will appear in stock. Any of the 3rd party sellers like Mobile Advance and NGP Store USA are trusted ASUS retailers for the North American market. We did our homework on who you can trust. Amazon is shipping some of the Zenfone 9 models from Mobile Advance to Canada as well. The link we are providing is for the proper North American variant. Please trust us.

If you are from Canada we also have a dedicated Zenfone 9 Canada page here with updated information. That said, the link above is your only North American option and Canada does not have any retail options unfortunately.

Note: The Zenfone 9 is not compatible with CDMA Networks such as: Verizon, Sprint and US Cellular.

Zenfone 9 all models – Complete listings landing page – 8G/128G, 8G/256G, and 16G/256G – Amazon.com – click here to shop!

Note about 3rd Party Sellers: Mobile Advance is the best 3rd party and more reliable MSRP retailer on Amazon currently. Our links will get you to the right listings. If we don’t list the color or configuration, it’s because it’s not available at MSRP. You can trust us with current retail information! We are tracking in-stock Zenfone 9 inventory closely. We haven’t seen any “sold and shipped by Amazon.com” since the initial pre-orders went up on Amazon early in September. We recommend you order from a trusted 3rd party “Mobile Advance” who are legit ASUS partners. You you can trust them and they sell at MSRP so that tells you something!

See our post about the now available US Zenfone 9 pre orders here.

 International Shopping Options – Zenfone 9 available to buy now! International shipping. 8GB/128GB model click here to shop OR 8GB/256GB model click here to shop OR 16G/256 model click here to shop

In stock – available for Amazon.de – All models – Click Here To Shop

It’s about time we set up our “go to” posting for all things related to ZenFone 9 pre order. We have been doing this for a few years now and we have our ear to the ground and finding out the latest and newest information. No matter what part of the world you are from, we hope to give you ZenFone 9 pre order options and where to buy.

When can I pre order the ZenFone 9?

Here is the pre order availability schedule, in order:

  1. Europe, Hong Kong, Taiwan
  2. North America, Japan, Indonesia and South America.

In select markets, pre orders for the ZenFone 9 have started up immediately following the unveiling event on July 28, 2022. Not all markets will get pre orders early. In the past the US and Canada didn’t get a new ZenFone release until September or October but let’s hope this year is earlier than past years.

What is the price of the ZenFone 9?

Update: We are hard at work trying to get the US pricing as we know a lot of our visitors are from the North America region. Multiple reviews from trusted sources are suggesting a starting price of $699 USD, however Engadget is still saying pricing for the US is yet to be determined. If ASUS brings the ZenFone 9 to the US market for $699 USD, which was the ZenFone 8 launch price, then that’s a real feat and a really aggressive (but probably necessary) move.

Here are the official prices in Euro. Please do not simply take these prices and convert to your local currency. This would no be an accurate price. Use our logic written below.

  • $699 USD / € 799 / £699.00 – 8G/128G (currently on sale from ASUS online stores in Europe and UK)
  • $749 USD / € 849 – 8G/256G (€ 879 in some markets)
  • $799 USD / € 899 / £749 – 16G/256G (€ 929 in some markets and on sale currently in UK)

We just did a price post here that goes over some of our initial feelings. We are confident in telling you that the ZenFone 9 will be more expensive that then launch price of the ZenFone 8 model with 8/256GB configuration. It’s up to you to scan local information to see what the original price was on that phone in your market. If you didn’t get a ZenFone 8 launch then it will be tricky to predict the price.

Is there a ZenFone 9 Flip model?

ASUS currently doesn’t have plans to release a new ZenFone “flip” version. It’s possible that the ZenFone Flip is EOL unfortunately. A sad day if the the iconic ASUS innovation is no more.

What are people saying about the ZenFone 9?

We always like to gauge the reaction to the new ZenFone releases based on various indicators online. Here is an early sampling. We are reading a LOT of positive comments from people who are genuinely excited about this ASUS phone and some are just learning about it now!

“One of the best small phones ever – TomsGuide.com review”

“This is strangely the most interesting phone I’ve heard announced in years.”

“Looks cute, has pretty much every conceivable flagship feature (except SD card and wireless charging), A somewhat sane pricing. Why not!”

“It has a headphone jack!”

“Okay, so, this is it, right?
My next phone.”


“It’s perfect phone with perfect size.”

“I just love this phone, nothing like it. Will be my next phone for sure”

“Phone of the year for meee”

Will the ZenFone 9 be available to buy in the US and Canada?

This is an interesting question. The ZenFone 8 had a very limited release. The US market did get an official version, which is the “B” variant along with the US warranty. That model was not available in the Canadian market however. The ASUS US online store does not ship to Canada and the ASUS Canada online store doesn’t sell the ZenFone series. In our opinion, both the US and Canada will get to buy a ZenFone 9 with proper warranty for the region along with appropriate warranty.

What are the different ZenFone 9 model numbers and configurations?

Europe ZenFone 9 Model Numbers:

Model name ASUS Zenfone 9 16/256 Black
Model ID AI2202-1A006EU
Model ID 90AI00C1-M00090 (UK)

Model name ASUS Zenfone 9 8/256 Black
Model ID AI2202-1A004EU

Model name Zenfone 9 8/128 Black
Model ID AI2202-1A002EU

Model name ASUS Zenfone 9 8/128 Blue
Model ID AI2202-1C025EU
Model ID 90AI00C1-M00070 (UK)

Model name ASUS Zenfone 9 8/128 Red
Model ID AI2202-1D024EU

Model name ASUS Zenfone 9 8/128 White
Model ID AI2202-1B003EU
Model ID 90AI00C2-M00080 (UK)

What are the North American (US / Canada) model numbers and configurations?

AI2202-8G128G-BK — B0BBPJ6TNC
AI2202-8G128G-WH — B0BBPKJXK7
AI2202-8G128G-RD — B0BC594TPH
AI2202-8G128G-BL — B0BC579VKP

AI2202-8G256G-BK  — B0BBQ9MYR6
AI2202-8G256G-WH — B0BC583VG2

AI2202-16G256G-BK — B0BBP4HCSN
AI2202-16G256G-WH  **configuration may not be released

This is a bit of guess work on our part. We will update with official model numbers as they are discovered.


Does the ZenFone 9 have wireless charging?

No. The ZenFone 9 does not have wireless charging.

What’s included in the box?

ASUS provides a charging brick and case in the box! Value added.

What colors of ZenFone 9 are there?

Black, White, Red and Blue. Don’t expect all colors in all markets. Asia and Europe will see the most options, most likely all 4 colors will be available in those markets. US and Canada should expect Black and perhaps nothing else.

What is your favorite Zenfone 10 color?

As we await the Zenfone 10 launch event on June 29, let’s have a bit of fun. We won’t call this a poll but we do hope that you will share your thoughts on the color choices for this year’s Zenfone model.

Very impressive colors! Our vote goes to red and green. The colors just pop! Obviously needing a clear case if you go with the more vibrant colors because you don’t want to hide it! As is typical with Zenfone launches, ASUS will determine their strongest markets and those markets will see the greatest variety of models. If you are in Europe or Asis be assured that you will see all these colors available. If you are in North America US market or another less strong market, you better grab one of these fancy colors if they do show up in stock. If you get inventory the number of units will likely be quite limited. Pre order when you get the first opportunity!

So please let us know in the comments below. Tell us your first and second favorite Zenfone 10 colors!