Massive 6.9-inch Zenfone Go is coming – Beyond Phablet?

Most tech pundits were aghast with the 6.8-inch Zenfone Ultra. Asus has a tendency to outdo themselves and this occasion appears no different.

Should we call a 6.9-inch phone a phablet or a tablet? I think it’s ultimately a phone and Asus has it listed as a Zenfone Go and not under the ZenPad category. Thus, get ready for a gigantic Zenfone Go model in the near future.

We can’t say for certain which markets will see this model, but it would likely be a very limited release. If your country has the previous generation Zenfone Go models, then this 6.9-inch model should be coming to your country as well.

Obviously Asus is rolling out the Zenfone 3 line-up globally right now and we aren’t certain about when the Zenfone Go line-up will be announced. The way things are going, Asus could sneak in this new Zenfone Go phablet among their Zenfone 3 release tour.

So we ask the question to you. Is 6.9-inches just to big or is having that extra screen more handy than the negatives of a large size phone?

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