Zenfone 3 models are available to buy right now…from eBay sellers

Personally, I’ve bought a product recently from a Taiwan based eBay seller. It was a good experience and I was completely happy with the item. Price was decent and I didn’t feel like waiting for the North America release dates so I went the eBay route.

The fact is, if you don’t feel like waiting, there are many sellers right now on eBay selling new, unopened Zenfone 3 models.

If you decide to buy one, I strongly suggest you pay the little bit extra for express shipping. This is a new release so why wait? My purchase from an eBay seller from Taiwan went well, but my only regret was not choosing express shipping. I urge you to consider it!

Now when it comes to North America or other area network compatibility, it’s too large a task to tackle right now on our end. If you have an expert opinion, please share in the comment section.

Link to eBay:

Click Here – See All Zenfone 3 Listings on eBay – International Shipping