A closer look at the Zenfone 3 Deluxe (ZS550KL) – Photo Gallery

We pride ourselves on having high quality, high resolution photo galleries. In this case, we will make an exception. These images are not the greatest quality, but they are some of the first official looks at the smaller ZS550KL phone. Aside from the 5.5-inch size, there are some subtle differences in terms of ports and camera positions. Only to the trained eye can you differentiate between the ZS570KL and ZS550KL.

So in this gallery there is the silver version and the gold version. If you notice, there is very little difference between the two colors if you look at the front of the phone. When viewing from the back, the difference is more noticeable.

Silver Version (ZS550KL-SL64S4) Image Gallery


Gold Version (ZS550KL-GD64S4) Image Gallery

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