New Asus phone X014D shows up at FCC – Zenfone Go (ZB452KG)

It does appear that Asus is planning to bring a Zenfone Go phone into the US market.When we say the word “new”, we aren’t sure just yet if this is a previously released Zenfone Go model or not.

The Go Series is the ultimate budget option and will safely be the lowest priced Asus phone.

The model in the FCC listing is X014D. We have backtracked a bit here and we see in some official Asus documentation, that the ZB452KG model bears the same ID number of X014D.

It does seem a bit peculiar to see a previous generation Zenfone Go coming into the US market. We can only speculate, but is this going to end up being one of the new Zenfone 3 Go phones that were recently unveiled during the Indonesia launch event? Stay tuned and we will update as we learn more!



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