Zenfone 3 now available to buy in Canada! Price and full details!

Update: April 1, 2017 – In full swing, we’re starting to see some sale prices on the ZE552KL in Canada. See links below.

Well this is a surprising development. Asus just sprung the Zenfone 3 release onto the Canadian market! This isn’t exactly a full fledged release, but you can get a Zenfone 3 (ZE552KL) in either black or white color for $429.99 CAD. This model is 5.5-inches with 4GB RAM and 64GB storage.

There is no word just yet on the other Zenfone 3 models, but if you want to get one now, you better hurry! Retailers in Canada include: Newegg.ca, NCIX, Best Buy, Memory Express and Canada Computers. This is breaking news and we don’t even see specific Zenfone 3 product pages on BestBuy.ca just yet. They have the Zenfone 3 splash page, but there is no ability to buy just yet.

The Sapphire Black is in-stock and the Moonlight White is shipping later this month.

Shop Now: NCIX reduced price of $379 ($429 Reg.) – Only a few available to buy now – Click Here

Shop Now: Check Zenfone 3 Price and Availability at Amazon.ca – Click Here

A tad bizarre that Canada get a release before the US, but I’m sure Canadians aren’t complaining right now!


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