Asus puts out a couple unique promotional videos

To call these unique may be a bit of an understatement. One of the promo videos is a bit more over the top than the other, but they are still quite entertaining. Watch them, especially the first one, and you will know what we mean.

The best ad ever? It’s called The Alien and The Dinosaur. It seems legit and isn’t setup or a bunch of actors pretending to be random people. Thumbs up on this one. Pretty funny!

Judging by the view count which is at 311,573 at the time of posting this article, it blows away any of the other recent promo videos. I guess this worked! The second video below has just under 4,000 views by comparison. We like this commercial about as much as the speed rapper featured in a number of the Zenfone 2 Max video. Check it this new promo video below:

Here is another offbeat promotional video. Asus goes to the street and talks to random people. Once again, the feedback seems legit and we’re not thinking it’s just actors pretending to be random people.


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