Germany Zenfone 3 roll out gets tripped up (delayed)

If you live in Germany and have been wondering about the new Zenfone 3 models and the release dates, we have a bit of information for you. As a point of information, this same situation applies to the ZenPad tablets.

First, there are currently Zenfone 3 models available to buy at retailers. However any new stock is being delayed because of an Android software patent dispute. Any Zenfone 3 models that were delivered to retailers before this patent issue are allowed to be sold. However this has appeared to delay to rollout of the full Zenfone 3 line-up in Germany.

The infringing software feature has been patched by Google, so Asus is now in the process of applying the patch to their Zenfone 3 and ZenPad line-up before shipping out more units. This is expected to take a few weeks at most.

[sources: Taipei Times and]

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