Recent Software Update Listings – All Zenfone 3 Models listed

To help keep on top of Zenfone 3 news, we also want to track software/firmware updates that roll out to the various Zenfone models. This is actually quite a frequent occurrence and people should realize that Asus does tweak and improve the functionality and performance of the phones on a regular basis.

So this post is more of a catch-up feature. We will list the Zenfone 3 models, the firmware details and the date of the roll out. Obviously some updates are more noteworthy than others and when updates do happen in the future, we hope to make posts for each version. What we have noticed though, is that Asus has made a lot of updates/improvements to the camera functionality and performance. This is especially true of the Zenfone 3 Deluxe series.

If you have yet to buy a Zenfone, these software/firmware updates are actually very important to consider. Think about this. If the Zenfone 3 Deluxe has had 3 or 4 camera tweaks since its initial release, consider the reviews that you might read about that phone. So if the photo part of the review is based on the first software/firmware, you need to consider the accuracy or lack of accuracy in those reviews. If you really want to dig, then ask the reviewer what software version the phone was using at the time. I bet 99% of the reviewers will ignore your question or they will have no idea what the version of firmware that was running on the phone at the time of the review. Due diligence. You need to check details of reviews before making a final judgement!

In order to get detailed listings of what’s changed or improved, you need to drill down a few pages on the Asus website. You need to get to the product page, then click the support link, then click the “Driver & Tools” tab, then use the drop down menu and choose “Android”, then click the “Firmware” link. Simple right? After those clicks, you get a the page where you can review the newest and entire list of firmware/software updates.

Recent Zenfone 3 Firmware/Software Updates – All Models

Rather than list every single update below, we’re going to provide you the most recent updates. At the very least this should give you an idea of Asus and their product support.


  • JP- (2016/10/31)


  • WW- (2016/10/11)


  • TIM_V13.20.10.75 (2016/10/27)
  • CN_V13.20.9.14 (2016/10/27)
  • WW_V13.20.10.79 (2016/10/13)
  • WW_V13.20.10.75 (2016/10/05)


  • JP- (2016/10/21)
  • WW- (2016/10/13)
  • WW- (2016/10/05)


  • WW- (2016/10/12)


  • IN/ID_V13.1.1.15 (2016/10/28)
  • BR/PE_V13.1.2.16 (2016/10/28)



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