Asus has a Zenfone camera team of 70 to 80 people

According to Asus CEO Jerry Shen who spoke at the recent investors conference, the company has 70 to 80 people working on the Zenfone camera technology. Many of them are senior engineers with PhDs according to Shen.

There is a lot of challenges with smartphone cameras and the fact Asus is putting together such a large and diverse team says they are serious. It would make sense that with the Zenfone 4, the fruits of their labor should be realized.

It’s interesting in our long running poll on this site that the result indicate that people are far more interested in price.

The Zenfone 3 Zoom should be a hint on where Asus is progressing in terms of their photo taking prowess. With the Zenfone 3 Deluxe having the newest Sony camera sensor, the phone didn’t get top reviews in terms of video quality. The good news is that with the current Zenfone 3 models, Asus has continued to roll out software updates which list camera improvements. Clearly the company cares.

When you think smartphone photo quality, it’s usually Samsung at the top followed by Google Pixel phones. For Asus to continue pushing into the higher end smartphone market, their photo technology needs to compete. Let’s hope that the Zenfone 4 really shines!

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