Does Asus need a Zenfone 4 model with removable battery?

Let’s talk about Zenfone 4. Most every company is ditching removable batteries but one could argue that this leaves an opening for Asus. They could offer something that the others aren’t. In a competitive marketplace, being different can be a bonus.  A removable battery would be filling a void in the marketplace.

But of course the answer isn’t so easy.

Arguments for not having a removable battery:

  • all metal design isn’t possible
  • waterproofing would be impossible
  • Quick Charge technology
  • 5,000mAh or larger batteries are possible

Arguments for having a removable battery:

  • swapping a battery is much faster than Quick Charge
  • no need for a charger or portable battery pack
  • using two batteries will lengthen their lifespan

Those are a few quick thoughts of mine on the subject. If you have any please add a comment below.

Asus has offered a removable battery with the Zenfone 2 Laser. However none of the Zenfone 3 models had removable batteries.