Digitimes report suggests Zenfone 4 may not have Snapdragon 835 processor

Let’s not get sucked into misleading headlines. This report from Digitimes should have some legs and get some tech website coverage, but let’s have a closer look.

The Zenfone 3, the main 5.2-inch and 5.5-inch models were the mid ranged phones. The only model featuring the fastest on the planet processor was the Zenfone 3 Deluxe. The most premium Zenfone series is the Deluxe and top end hardware is essential. Asus would obviously keep that tradition with putting the fastest processor inside which is the Snapdragon 835.

So this Digitimes report does not say Zenfone 4 Deluxe, but instead they are just stating “Zenfone 4”. In order to keep the Zenfone 4 in that medium price range there is no way they can put the newest and fastest Snapdragon 835 inside. However it’s a certainty that the Zenfone 4 Deluxe will in fact have the Snapdragon 835.

We are awaiting the Digitimes story to publish so all there is right now is a headline. Certainly it’s a headline that is likely to garner some attention. We just hope that the reality of the situation is clear. The Deluxe series is going to be packed with the latest and greatest hardware so don’t worry.



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