No Zenfone 4 at Computex 2017 event. Are we shocked? Nope.

No Zenfone 4 at Computex? How could this be? Truth be told we are not shocked by this development.

Fact. Snapdragon 835 was delayed as were other supplies. On that basis it was hard to think Asus would come out with their Zenfone 4 at this point. Sure we hoped to see some new models but it just wasn’t in the cards at this time.

Asus spoke about the fact that the Zenfone 3 Zoom and Zenfone AR would essentially buy them some time. With the Zenfone AR being a summer June/July release, this means the Zenfone 4 can wait a while longer. These two Zenfone models allowed Asus to delay the Zenfone 4 release without leaving a big void.

There is a silver lining here though. If you live in certain markets outside of Asia, you realize that most products show by Asus at Computex don’t make it to stores for months after the unveiling. That would have been the case had Asus shown the Zenfone 4 this year. So think of this possibility. How about when the Zenfone 4 event takes place, the pre orders start within a month or less? That would new and exciting territory for Asus. Having an unveiling and then having the product available to buy right away would be an appreciated change. Agree?

The shortages of supplies including processors will only improve the longer Asus can hold out. It’s entirely like that an August unveiling could happen. Summer release? Seems odd. If July, then it’s right in there with the Zenfone AR release. Perhaps Asus will put the AR release along side the Zenfone 4. An unlikely scenario is that Asus waits until September for their Zenfone 4 release. It’s entirely possible at this point because summer is certainly not a time for making headlines with everyone taking vacations.

We have a while to wait, but it’s not all bad. When the unveiling happens you will be able to get one in your hands faster than ever before. And that’s a good thing don’t ya think?

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