Asus CEO Jerry Shen says Zenfone AR to US in early July – costs less than Galaxy S8 Plus

Engadget caught up with Asus CEO Jerry Shen at Computex where they asked him about the Zenfone AR. According to Shen, the Zenfone AR is coming to Taiwan in mid-June and late-June or early July for the US market.

Regarding price, it’s a bit funny. The Endgadge reporter asked Shen whether they would charge more than the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. Here is Shen’s reply to that question (after chuckling at the question):

We wouldn’t dare to charge more than that.

The Zenfone AR is coming to the US as a Verizon exclusive. The rest of the globe, it’s unclear the unlocked model and the price associated with those models. We believe the V570KL is the global release and the ZS571KL is the Verizon release. Maybe we have it backwards?

So let’s see what Canada and other markets get because having the required LTE bands is of utmost importance. On that basis it’s unclear regarding having an international version of the Zenfone AR will work out for you or not. Stay tuned for more details!

[source: Engadget]

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