How important is price when deciding whether to buy a Zenfone 4?

We’ve ran a poll on the site for a long time regarding features you most want from a Zenfone. Battery life and price are the top choice, by a long shot.

As we are quickly approaching the Zenfone 4 launch, let’s look at price.

Asus has remained steadfast on their new pricing. They are set on being just below the Apple and Samsung flagships. They appear not interested in compromising, as Asus CEO Jerry Shen feels customers have accepted the new pricing strategy. Or has the consumer accepted the strategy?

One thing seems quite clear. The China smartphone manufacturers are dealing with large orders and thus they can get better pricing on components. However the latest OnePlus model was being criticized even though it’s packing top end hardware. People expect that to be priced like the previous generation which has led to some public negativity. Seems like a pretty fickle audience out there who want the best for cheap.

Our sense is that the Zenfone 4 series is going to maintain the pricing tradition of the Zenfone 3 series. Be assured that the 2017 Zenfone 4 will not be near the Samsung and Apple pricing, but it will offer equal hardware and equal or better design.

At a recent Asus investors conference Asus CEO Jerry Shen said the Zenfone 4 will be about sales. What did he mean by that? The true way to gain sales in today’s market is by having cheap prices. So if the price remains at a similar level as to the Zenfone 3, how will you react? With the increased competition driving prices down, how can Asus expect more sales with holding steady on their higher pricing model?

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