Annual Zen Talk conference slated for August 26 to showcase Zenfone 4

According to a report from Taipei Times, Asus has set a date for their annual “Zen Talk” conference at which time they will showcase their Zenfone 4 series and the Zenfone AR. Apparently this is the third such conference that Asus has put together as a brand building and consumer friendly event. A high ranking Asus executive is expected to participate and lead the function. Our guess? Jonney Shih would seem an ideal candidate to meet and greet consumers!

One other interesting tidbit from this story is that Taipei Times suggests that invitations to the official August Zenfone 4 launch event have not yet been sent out. This is somewhat contradictory to a previous story that was published elsewhere. Last week it was suggested by that the Zenfone 4 product launch event was slated for August 17th. The date may be true, but there has been no official invites for such a date just yet.

Stay tuned, things are starting to heat up on the Zenfone 4 launch!


[source: Taipei Times]

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