Digitimes report claims there are three Zenfone 4 models to come August 17th

Digitimes is a terrific and most times accurate source for Asus news. With the August 17th event coming in Taiwan, Digitimes has graced the globe with a few nuggets. Perhaps some of these tidbits are out there already, but this gives the existing information a bit more credibility.

So there are to be three models coming, making 4 in total including the already announced Zenfone 4 Max. A 5.7-inch Zenfone 4 Pro (already spotted in the wild), a dual lens main model Zenfone 4 (ZE554KL) and entry level priced Zenfone 4 Selfi Pro.

Digitimes suggests that Asus is gearing up for around 8 million units for the second half of 2017. This detail is said to come from “Taiwan’s handset supply chain”.  This report says that in 2015 Asus shipped 20 million units, in 2016 shipped over 10 million units and in 2017 they are expected to ship 15 million units.

Digitimes reports that Asus claims the Zenfone 4 series has top end hardware, excellent designs, and high price to performance ratios.

So are you happy with 3 models? It does sound like no super phablet type Zenfone 4 like the Zenfone 3 Ultra. There is still a Zenfone 4S coming, and it’s quite possible that could be coming to take on the new iPhone in the Fall 2017. It’s unclear if the Zenfone 4S could even come in 2018 similar to how the Zenfone 3 Zoom came out in 2017 prior to the launch of the next generation models.

[source: Digitimes]

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