Let’s not forget about the ZenFone Max M1 (ZB555KL) (ZB556KL)

With all the chatter about the ZenFone Max Pro M1 it seems that its smaller brother, the ZenFone Max M1 hasn’t gotten much love. Keep in mind that the two phones may appear as the same, but they most certainly are not. Let’s change that! It doesn’t really matter which “Max” phone you’re looking at because they have primarily long lasting battery and secondly they are the cheapest ZenFone models in the series. Those to factors are a given. So at this point, Asus appears to be branding the “ZenFone Max M1”, “ZenFone Max Plus M1”, and “ZenFone Max Pro M1”. The only question we have is what does the “M1” signify. Is that “model 1”?

If you’re wondering about the ZenFone Max M1 vs. ZenFone Max Pro M1, price is the primary selling point. If price and battery life are key ingredients to you and specs are less important, then this phone is worth looking at.

Compared to the ZenFone Max Pro M1, the ZenFone Max M1 comes with a less power hungry processor (Snapdragon 430) and a less power hungry display (1440 x 720). It’s smaller at 5.5-inches, and because of that, it’s got a smaller 4000mAh battery inside. On the operating side of things, the ZenFone Max M1 comes with ZenUI 4.0 rather than the pure Android experience that comes on the ZenFone Max Pro M1 model.

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