MaxBox audio accessory – How good is it?

During the Asus India unveiling of the ZenFone Max Pro M1, the MaxBox accessory was mentioned. The MaxBox is a free, included in box, foldable passive audio amplifier. Essentially it’s a stand made of cardboard that doubles as a passive amplifier.

During the launch presentation, it was suggested the MaxBox will boost the audio making it “2x louder volume”.

Without having a model to test, we’ve looked at lucky individuals who have review units. From these we were able to get some information regarding the MaxBox performance. We have at least one example of volume comparison using proper equipment.

There is of course the issue of audio “quality” rather than just sheer volume. We can’t delve into the quality of the audio, such as added bass, at this time. As more reviews appear online or until we get a unit to review ourselves, we will just provide a basic overview of the MaxBox to keep your expectations realistic.

With MaxBox:

Without MaxBox:

Obviously we just grabbed screenshots but we tried to grab a shot which represents an average level. Is the volume louder using the MaxBox? Yes. Is it 2x louder? Not from what we’ve seen so far. We need to dig deeper than just looking at a few numbers on a measuring device.

A testing tool and images can only do so much. Check out this video on YouTube where music is playing on the ZenFone Max Pro and it’s quite astonishing the “before and after” audio quality when the phone is placed into the MaxBox.

Click here to hear the MaxBox before and after audio quality

Given the fact a stand is nice to have and this one is free, then we have nothing bad to say about the MaxBox. It will provide a decent bump in volume and significantly improve audio quality based on early reviews which makes it worth the effort to take out of the retail box and fold. Not a lot of heavy lifting involved folks!

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