Cheap ZenFone AR deals right now – Why you should buy one

With all the ZenFone 6 talk it may seem out of place to be talking about the ZenFone AR. However, we’re here to serve you and with that in mind, a deal is a deal. Why should you buy one? It’s a tremendous phone.

We have seen many eBay listings from one seller with used (mostly mint) ZenFone AR models. Call this an inventory blow out if you want. The seller ships all over the world (free ship to US) and has a pretty decent return policy.

With this many units being auctioned at the same time, a good price seems quite likely. But ACT FAST. Many of the listings are going to end soon. Like in hours so move on this quick and decide. Price will likely end up being around $100 USD based on an auction we just witnessed.

Deal Link: ZenFone AR cheap deals on eBay – Click Here

If you want to pay a bit more, we’ve also spotted brand new in box. This is going to be about $50 more than the used models being sold but consider a couple things. First, new means no risk. New means you don’t have to buy a charger and you also get a cheap case and ZenEar Pro earbuds in the box. Those are worth part of the price. New battery also and possibly the one-year warranty.

Link to $149 USD model: Brand new in box ZenFone AR with 128GB Storage – Click here

I own one to be honest. This may be your best and cheapest option for getting into the AR and VR game. Even just as a Daydream option it’s a worthwhile investment. Enjoy some adult entertainment!

The resolution is the highest of any ZenFone released at 2560 x 1440. The processor is not just a Snapdragon 821, but it’s an over-charged or “tweaked out” version that Qualcomm did just for ASUS. It has 8GB of RAM. Most importantly, it has an AMOLED display. Sure it’s not running the newest Android, but whatever—it’s fully capable. The OS doesn’t detract the pleasure of using this phone. The camera is not as optimized as you might want but I haven’t delved too deeply into that aspect of the ZenFone AR. It can shoot 4K video and 1080p video at 60FPS however.

As a step into VR or a phone for a teen this is a good option and you should at least check out some of the eBay auctions. But act fast. Like, right now or these auctions will expire.


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