ZenFone 6 reviews are not mentioning this awesome feature

We get it. The biggest tech websites get the review units first and they are a priority for companies who want exposure to their new products. But this plan comes with a risk. Big tech websites get a lot of products to review and because of that, the product knowledge can sometimes be suspect. So when we’re watching various ZenFone 6 reviews and we see a cool feature being missed entirely? We see it as a disservice to prospective buyers. We don’t have the reach of big tech sites but we are here to set the record straight. You decide whether this feature is noteworthy.

It’s all about the fingerprint sensor. More than that, this awesome feature is about convenience especially when handling your phone with one hand. If you don’t want to reposition hands or use both hands, then this is a “go to” function that ASUS has built into the ZenFone series, dating back to the ZenFone 5.


See the introduction of this feature back on February 27, 2018:

The feature not being mentioned in reviews of the ZenFone 6 is the ability of the finger print sensor to double as a swipe down gesture. In other words, rather than having to use the front of the display to swipe down,  you can swipe down on that fingerprint sensor to access the pull down menu aka notifications tray. It’s quick and convenient and is something that most flagships today simply can’t do because they’ve done away with these more traditional fingerprint readers. ASUS makes it easier for one-handed operation of the ZenFone 6 and people should know about this.

In a way it’s funny that the so-called tech experts miss this feature and don’t know about it. That expression, “Who’d a thunk it?” comes to mind here. Perhaps it’s so innovative that it goes over the heads of reviewers. We aren’t trying to disparage ZenFone 5 users either. Folks may own the phone and not realize the functionality exists which is no fault of their own. Word needs to get out and we’re doing our best.

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