Google Camera on ZenFone 6 now working – includes full resolution HDR+

Ask most mobile phone experts and they will all agree that Google phones take the best photos. When we say best, that is to say the Google phones have the best camera software. With each new Pixel phone, Google seems to get better and better results. What if we told you that your ZenFone 6 can enjoy that Google camera software and fetch similar results? The first Google Camera (aka GCam) port has just been released by Arnova8G2 for the ZenFone 6.

It seems that ASUS’ choice to keep a near-stock Android on the ZenFone 6 is paying dividends already. This is the first Google Camera GCam mod to bring full resolution HDR+ photos. With the 48MP camera onboard the ZenFone 6 the results should be astonishing. We’re looking forward to showing off photo samples as those become available. Most people are still waiting for the opportunity to buy a ZenFone 6 but expect a lot of samples from this mod in the near future.

Certainly the HDR+ mode working for the 48MP camera is the headline, but there is more that this first GCam mod brings to the table. It also includes: HDR+ Enhanced, RAW, Portrait Mode, Video, Photobooth, Timelapse, and Night Sight. A rather impressive list and Arnova8G2 deserves a lot of props for getting this up and running so quickly. It makes us wonder what’s in store for the future. Good things we say!

We wrote an article yesterday about ASUS reaching out to the Android custom ROM and mod community by sending free phones to some trusted developers. These GCam mod developments will certainly catch a lot of headlines and is going to really give the ZenFone 6 launch a kick in the pants. We are tracking ZenFone 6 pre order and in-store availability here.

For most ZenFone 6 users, the Google Camera mod development is very noteworthy. Google and their camera algorithms are top-of-class and if it can be brought to the ZenFone 6 this quickly, the future looks bright. You don’t have to root your ZenFone 6 to use this mod which will make it more appealing to the general public out there. When people start seeing photo samples and comparisons with the GCam mod, this should be a very popular option for people. Look for a guide to using Anova8G2’s Google Camera mod in the near future. Are you excited about this development?

[source: XDA Developers]

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