ASUS rolls out another ZenFone 6 software update

While most of the world sits around waiting for the opportunity to buy a ZenFone 6, ASUS continues to improve the phone through software updates. This new update is the second in July and brings with it a host of tweaks and improvements that hopefully we can appreciate at some point.

As with the earlier ZenFone 6 software update, there is a large focus (no pun intended) on camera improvements. Here is a breakdown of what’s improved with the camera:

  • camera rotation stability has been improved
  • EIS (electronic image stabilization) for video recording has been optimized
  • removed the evening color cast in supernight mode
  • fixed the flip mechanism on panorama mode
  • moved “retract camera” to first page at quick settings

Here is a breakdown of the other release notes:

  • Add Mobile Manager &  Cleanup Launcher Shortcut
  • General system & app stability improved
  • Increased touch sound on/off toggle
  • Optimized power consumption
  • Optimized Translation Strings
  • Improved Call Quality

It’s interesting to read “optimized power consumption”. If ASUS is able to squeeze more efficiency out of that big battery then we say bravo to them. It also makes us wonder to what extent they were able to improve it because if it’s meaningful, they should note the improvements in the release notes. It would be nice to know in real terms how improved it is. To list it in release notes, you would think they have data to back up the claim. Being specific about better battery life could lure potential buyers and benefit sales.

Here are the particulars of the update. It has rolled out to the ZenFone 6 models in the various regions of the world already.

Version: 16.1220.1906.167

Release Date: 2019/07/22

Generally when you connect to WiFi you should receive an automatic software update notification. If not you can always go into your settings and manually check for the update. To do that go into: settings > system > system updates.

These ZenFone 6 updates really are good news. Some of the software issues and shortcomings that most mobile phones deal with at launch can be ironed out before people get the phone in their hands for the first time. Yes it doesn’t make the wait less frustrating but it does mean the overall experience will be better thanks to these software updates rolling out.

[source: ASUS]

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