Is your ZenFone 6 camera loose or floppy? Here is the simple fix!

How to easily fix a loose or wobbly ZenFone 6 camera module

With the level of innovation on the ZenFone 6 flip camera, there have been some initial concerns from people about its durability. The flip camera module is unlike anything on the market so people are somewhat hysterical when there is something amiss. ASUS put a lot of time into development to ensure quality. So if you’re finding it loose or floppy don’t freak out.

If your ZenFone 6 camera seems loose or floppy it’s a super simple fix. You need to adjust the calibration.

It’s just a menu setting that you need to use:

Swipe down menu > long press retract camera button > select calibrate camera angle

We’re heard this solution from a Reddit user who says this simple setting fixed their camera wobble.

It’s normal to think worst case scenario when something wobbles or is loose on a smartphone. It’s rather unnatural. That said, put the panic aside and realize a fix is only a setting away. Our hope is that this quick fix is more widely known so that people don’t need to panic and post concerns on the internet about the camera module breaking or being faulty.

We would love to have screenshots but hopefully those can be added in the near future. Let us know in the comments if this fix helped you and if you knew this camera calibration setting existed.

[source: Reddit]

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