Reddit folks already talking ZenFone 7. Is it too early for that?

What the heck? It’s late October and countries still are waiting on either an official ZenFone 6 launch or new inventory. Clearly the ZenFone 6 is still in demand regardless of how confusing the launch schedule has been. Given that fact, should people even start talking ZenFone 7 now? It seems that Reddit users are quick to start talking about the next big thing—ZenFone 7.

It has been quite the journey with the ZenFone 6. Out of the gates it looked extremely promising for ASUS and their newly streamlined mobile phone division of the company. They were downsizing but at the same time they came up with their most popular and most touted ZenFone ever.

There has been a veil of secrecy surrounding release dates and inventory but it still hasn’t turned the demand away. Sure some people have moved on to other devices, but many still wait. It may be bizarre to think the ZenFone 7 is closing in, but it really is.

We aren’t inclined to say much about a ZenFone 7 release because it’s nothing but speculation. It’s fun to talk about what we want to see in the next device of course and we put together a ZenFone 7 page for just that purpose.

ASUS learned a lot with the ZenFone 6 experience. How to deal with pent up demand and supply shortages should make the ZenFone 7 launch much better. The real question when it comes to the ZenFone 7 is whether ASUS will make the flip camera their mainstay feature. Will it continue on to the next generation of phones. We certainly hope so as it’s a difference maker and with manufacturing issues dealt with, the ZenFone 7 could really benefit not only in price, but manufacturing efficiency.

As for the Reddit community and the ZenFone 7, it shows you that people want to know about the next big thing. We will eventually shift our focus to what’s next, but for now we will continue to track ZenFone 6 inventory, release dates and prices. It’s the phone available to buy and hopefully we can be of better service to you with providing current information vs. sheer speculation on a future ZenFone.

[source: Reddit]


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