ASUS releases new color “matte black” ZenFone 6 version

Sure you still might be waiting for the original two versions (colors) of ZenFone 6 to make an appearance at retail stores in your country but that isn’t stopping ASUS from moving forward. Today ASUS released a video that showcases a new ZenFone 6 color, “matte black”.

We can’t say what markets are going to have access to this “matte black” colored ZenFone 6, but maybe this means there is hope for other markets. A new color must mean production is ramping up. Right? Of course we’re just having fun with this. Certainly a new color doesn’t mean very much in terms of when and where the ZenFone 6 will launch next.

This “matte black” color features the world famous ASUS concentric circle design. You know, that spiral looking design? It’s essentially the ZenFone 6 Edition 30 rear design/color and the only thing missing is that 30-year anniversary logo/icon. So this is “new” but it’s already been seen before. It’s going to be in the typical price range for the 6GB/64GB, 6GB/128GB, and 8GB/256GB models and you won’t have to splurge for the special edition ZenFone 6 to get this new design/color.

It’s funny when ASUS posts anything on their social media or YouTube channel relating to the ZenFone 6. You find out very quickly from the comments which countries are waiting for news of a release in their country. And of course those comments/questions go unanswered and the vicious circle seemingly has no end.

Here is the new marketing video from ASUS:

No mention of availability so far. Most likely Europe first, seeing as the European market has been swimming in ZenFone 6 inventory consistently from the release date before the summer. We will keep track and report and retail opportunities for this concentric circle, matte black version of the ZenFone 6.


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