Possible ZenFone 7 accessories spotted online

Just as we mentioned the ZenFone 7 discussion showing up online, we now have some information on what looks like some official ZenFone 7 accessories. Maybe it’s not too soon to start discussing the ZenFone 7 after all.

The regulatory website Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) has posted some new ASUS products that are officially named “ASUS wireless charger”. There are three different colors and these listings have been added within the past month.

The model numbers are “W1G-AWPM” and list the potential power level of “15 watts” with the Qi standard. There are three different colors listed—blue, pink and white. The blue and pink are a light pastel type color that is more of a tint rather than deeply colored.

Obviously ASUS has these wireless charge pads for a reason and currently no products would make use of them. That is why logic says these would be for the next generation of ZenFone and possibly ROG phones. If ASUS is going to bring new features to the ZenFone 7 then wireless charging would be necessary as it’s industry wide at this point and largely expected to be part of any flagship device.

An accessory that appears this neutral could also be used for other devices and wouldn’t be specific to ASUS phones only. In that sense, calling this a ZenFone 7 specific accessory is a bit of a stretch. However it’s unlikely that ASUS would bother with releasing an accessory that wouldn’t be used on one of their future devices.

It’s going to be interesting to see what the ZenFone 7 launch schedule will be like given the lengthy delays for the ZenFone 6 roll out. It would be surprising to see any type of leaks in 2019 and the end of May is the typical target for ASUS and their ZenFone launch dates. They like to have a mid-year update but those may not be part of their new mobile phone strategy as they want to reduce their products and focus on one model a year.

[source: WPC]



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