Android 10 rolling out to ZenFone 6

Things appeared bleak when ASUS announced cutbacks in their mobile phone division prior to the ZenFone 6 launch. Maybe they simply reduced some of the bulk. From the outside, many saw this downsizing as meaning an eventual exit from the mobile phone business by ASUS. In an odd twist, the ZenFone brand is seeing better than ever coverage and positivity thanks to the qualities of the ZenFone 6. The push to be a legit player in the mobile phone business is still on, and with that, ASUS are now rolling out Android 10 to ZenFone 6 users across the globe.

When ASUS unveiled the ZenFone 6 in Italy back in Spring 2019, they made bold promises when it comes to future Android updates. First, they announced joining the Google Android Beta Program. More importantly though, ASUS guaranteed updates to Android 10 and Android 11 with their ZenFone 6.

It’s one thing to update, but it’s the speed in which ASUS updated that is even more impressive. Google rolled out their Pixel updates to Android 10 just two months ago. A few other phones out there have been upgraded to the new Android 10 update, but ASUS has beaten Samsung, LG and Huawei. Considering there are only three other companies faster than ASUS, it’s an impressive feat for the ASUS mobile division.

ASUS has been running a beta program so in theory, the global rollout of Android 10 to ZenFone 6 models should be smooth. However, a successful beta run won’t guarantee anything. The more users, the more possibilities for bugs and issues to arise. With there being so many different apps and user behavior it would be virtually impossible to cover all possible situations. One thing is for certain, issues and bugs seem to make headlines so everyone will know soon enough if there are problems. Hopefully ASUS is quick to fix issues.

If you’re excited about the Android 10 update and aren’t sure what the main new features are, we suggest you check out the official Google page for Android 10 here. In case you’re wondering about the dessert names for Android, Google no longer does that. From here on in, the updates will be numbered.

We’ve been tracking ZenFone launches and updates for a number of years now. It’s impressive to see such a timely Android update by ASUS considering the lack of updates was a big negative people often complained about when it came to previous ZenFone releases. So most of the big question marks around the ZenFone 6 have been addressed. The supply issue seems resolved. The flip camera module has proven to be reliable and there are not widespread complaints out there. Now ASUS is delivering one of their main promises of updating Android on their ZenFone 6 in a very timely manner. Things are really looking up!

[source: XDA Developers]

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  1. Luke November 4, 2019 at 7:45 pm #

    Can confirm that Android 10 is rolling out in North America for the Zenfone 6. Despite living in Canada, I bought my model from the B&H store in the US because it ended up being $100 cheaper than the models being sold here in Canada. So my model is from B&H and successfully received the Android Update yesterday (November 3rd, 2019). Been messing around with it for a full day and have not found any bugs thus far. The phone opens apps faster and overall seems to be well optimized with this new OS.
    If you’re in North America and don’t have the Android 10 update yet, you may want to manually go into the phone settings and force an update check. This may speed things up given that Android devices sometimes delay the automatic update notification. Will post here if I find any major bugs with the software. But for now, battery life seems just as good and all apps are running smooth.

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