ZenFone 7 will have 5G (resulting in higher price) says ASUS

ASUS managed to keep the ZenFone 6 pricing in line with the previous ZenFone 5Z model, which as it turns out, was cheap enough to stand out from the competition. With the ZenFone 7, everyone should temper their expectations because ASUS has essentially said adding 5G will increase the average sales price (ASP) but a significant amount.

At the most recent ASUS investors conference in Taipei, Taiwan, executives fielding some questions regarding the ZenFone 7 release next year. It was confirmed that the ZenFone 7 will ship with 5G and because of that technology onboard, the price will be increasing. In business speak, this is referred to as ASP, or average selling price. ASUS is quoted as saying the addition of 5G will make the ASP “significantly higher”.

Don’t panic here folks. Expect ASUS pricing to still be lower than a majority of the competition. If adding 5G technology will be essential for all mobile phones in 2020 and beyond, then other manufacturers will also need to increase their device pricing. Simply said, 5G will cost consumers more and it will be unavoidable because 4G only phones will be rare and likely won’t exist in any flagship level phones.

Obviously 5G is a real game changer and will be something everyone will want to utilize. However, 5G rollout across the planet has been slow and it has limited availability in many countries. That will gradually be changing, but in 2020, how much more 5G will be available in your home country? Likely only major metropolitan centers will enjoy the benefits so paying more for a 5G enabled phone might be a sore point for many.

The ZenFone 7 rumors should start soon enough as we are just winding down 2019. It’s a safe bet that a price increase is coming next year thanks (or not) to the addition of 5G which ASUS says will be part of every phone they release in 2020. We at least have one solid answer about the ZenFone 7. Let’s not forget the strong possibility of wireless charging for the ZenFone 7 based on this accessory leak.

A big question for us is whether the ZenFone 7 will adopt the flip camera. Stay tuned, we’re all over the breaking ZenFone 7 news as we move closer to launch date!

[source: ASUS Inventors]


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    Please one picture and price

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    when this asus zenfone 7 sell commercially

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