What’s the hold-up on the ZenFone 7 announcement?

We wait. It’s well past a normal release date and ASUS continues to remain mum on any marketing around a ZenFone 7 unveil event. We have a few thoughts and theories to share while we wait.

Something occurred to us today. What if ASUS hasn’t decided yet on their final ZenFone 7 pricing? This isn’t too far fetched to consider.

The fact is, ASUS isn’t going budget this time around. So a wise move strategically speaking would be to wait and see what the competition is doing. Even though rumors suggest the ZenFone 7 will be cheaper than the ROG Phone 3, ASUS still needs to adjust according to the competition and try to come with slightly cheaper prices which has been quite typical in previous years.

ASUS most likely has their eyes on the flagships from Samsung and Apple. With those devices being delayed or slowed up, ASUS has a bit of extra time to work with. There is however, some clarity emerging.

We see today that Samsung held their event and as a result, they released their pricing on the new Note series. Cheap is not one word that I would use. With those prices now public, ASUS something to work with.

The reason we mention pricing and Samsung’s event today is because this will likely move things along. Knowing these Samsung flagship prices gives ASUS more confidence in their pricing strategy. Certainly knowing some Samsung pricing allows ASUS to make adjustments as they see fit.

Ultimately we believe the hold-up on the ZenFone 7 announcement is because of how slowly the competition has been moving. Even with Google’s 4a, that still isn’t the product that ASUS is competing against. If the competition isn’t divulging details and pricing yet, why should ASUS be at the front end? It’s not a prudent business move to spill the beans first.

Also with everything we normally check on, it does seem that the ZenFone 7 release date is a ways off still. Indicators are not guarantees, but it now seems like September pre orders is more likely. We’ve been tracking almost all the ZenFone releases and when we spot certain developments, we see a launch imminent. However, the ZenFone 7 is not giving us much these days which is definitely surprising.

We did believe that ASUS would have some teaser for this week, but we’ve been wrong so far. A couple days left this week, but we like to put our money on a Monday or Wednesday teaser. Going into a weekend isn’t typical of ASUS, so look to the start of a week for some type of teaser and unveil event date.


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  1. Tom August 17, 2020 at 1:19 am #

    How ACCURATE is this newly released
    Teaser video?


    It shows no 3.5 mm Headphone jack??
    Is this true???
    If so I will be so terribly

    • Admin August 24, 2020 at 6:42 am #

      Most likely it’s true. ASUS was not able to fit the headphone jack on the ROG Phone 3 and that’s about gaming, so you know the ZenFone 7 will likely face the same issue. Blame 5G for this issue. I would prefer to keep the 5,000mAh battery vs. headphone jack. Agree or no?

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