ZenFone 7 Official Launch – Price, Full Details

The wait is over. No more guessing! The official ASUS unveiling for the ZenFone 7 (ZS670KS) and ZenFone 7 Pro (ZS671KS) has wrapped up and we have all the details. There is a lot to unpack so let’s get right into it!

Two Models:

  • ZenFone 7 (ZS670KS)
  • ZenFone 7 Pro (ZS671KS)

Biggest Surprise:

  • Both ZenFone 7 and ZenFone 7 Pro have AMOLED display

Pre-Order Start Date:

  • Taiwan – pre order now and ships September 1
  • Europe – pre order as of September 1 – ships September 9

What countries will have ZenFone 7 and ZenFone 7 Pro stock first?

What is the price of the ZenFone 7 (ZS670KS)

  • 6GB/128GB – NT$ 21,990
  • 8GB/128GB – € 699.00
  • 8GB/256GB – NT$ 23,990

What is the price of the ZenFone 7 Pro (ZS671KS)

  • 8GB/256GB
    • NT$ 27,990
    • € 799.00

How much more expensive is the ZenFone 7 than the ZenFone 6 at launch?

  • 22% – The 6G/128G model is the only comparable we have right now and in Taiwan, the price has increased 22% over last year. In part due to AMOLED, 5G and improved flip camera technology/cameras.

What are the model numbers and part numbers of the ZenFone 7 Series?

  • ZenFone 7 (ZS670KS) – 6G/128G (Black)
    • ZS670KS-2A001TW (Taiwan)
    • 90AI0021-M00010
  • ZenFone 7 (ZS670KS) – 8G/128G (Black)
    • ZS670KS-2A002TW (Taiwan)
    • 90AI0021-M00020
    • ZS670KS-2A014EU (Europe)
    • 90AI0021-M00140
  • ZenFone 7 (ZS670KS) – 8G/128G (White)
    • ZS670KS-2B003TW (Taiwan)
    • 90AI0022-M00030
    • ZS670KS-2B015EU (Europe)
    • 90AI0022-M00150
  • ZenFone 7 Pro (ZS671KS) – 8G/256G (Black)
    • ZS671KS-2A004TW (Taiwan)
    • 90AI0021-M00040
    • ZS671KS-2A016EU
    • 90AI0021-M00160
  • ZenFone 7 Pro (ZS671KS) – 8G/256G (White)
    • ZS671KS-2B005TW (Taiwan)
    • 90AI0022-M00050
    • ZS671KS-2B017EU
    • 90AI0022-M00170

What are the available ZenFone 7 and ZenFone 7 Pro colors?

  • Pastel White
  • Aurora Black

How has the flip camera changed and improved from the ZenFone 6 to ZenFone 7?

Well for starters, it flips super fast now! ASUS increased the number of cameras to three for the ZenFone 7 compared to two cameras last year in the ZenFone 6.

Here is a breakdown of the new lenses in the flip camera:

  • main camera is a 64-megapixel (f / 1.8) Sony IMX686 sensor with optical stabilization (can capture 4x the brightness in low-light conditions)
  • 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle (f / 2.2) Sony IMX363 sensor (1.4um pixels) which features dual pixel auto focus along with macro mode, capable of going down to 4cm
  • 8 mega-pixel (f / 2.4) x3 telephoto lens with optical stabilization
  • 4-axis OIS (optical image stabilization) on the ZenFone 7 Pro (ZS671KS)

Do either of the ZenFone 7 models have a headphone jack?

No. Unfortunately ASUS had to remove the headphone jack in both the ZenFone 7 (ZS670KS) and the ZenFone 7 Pro (ZS671KS)

Does the ZenFone 7 have a microSD card slot?

Yes! Both models have microSD card slot up to 2TB.

Does the ZenFone 7 or ZenFone 7 Pro have an AMOLED display?

Yes, both the ZenFone 7 Pro (ZS671KS) and ZenFone 7 (ZS670KS) have AMOLED display.

How is the ZenFone 7 Pro different than the ZenFone 7?

  • Here is a list of what is exclusive to the ZenFone 7 Pro:
    • Snapdragon 865+
    • 8G/256G
    • 4-axis OIS (optical image stabilization)

What is the refresh rate of the ZenFone 7?

Up to 90Hz refresh rate on both the ZenFone 7 and ZenFone 7 Pro.

What are the specs of the ZenFone 7 (ZS670KS)?

There is an expression, a picture is worth a thousand words. Click on the image to read it!

What are the specs of the ZenFone 7 Pro (ZS671KS)?

An image of the specs sheet? Sure, here’s one for you. Click it to see bigger size that’s easier to read!

What resolutions and frame rates are available for recording video?

  • 8K – 30FPS
  • 4K – 120FPS
  • 1080p – 240FPS
  • 720P – 480FPS

Is there a notification light?

Yes! Right beside the charge port.

What shortcomings does the ZenFone 7 have according to the reviewers and observers?

  • no headphone jack
    • our comment: people who have wireless ear buds or headphones swear by them. There is good reason for that. Less is never more but it will be 2021. You still want to avoid trying wireless?
  • price
    • our comment: who doesn’t want cheaper?
  • it’s big
    • our comment: not much to say on this other than the ZenFone has never been about small sizes.
  • it’s heavy
    • our comment: truth be told it’s almost exactly the same weight as fruit phone 11 pro max.


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  1. Richard August 26, 2020 at 7:02 am #

    Does it still have a notification light like the Zenfone 6?

    • Admin August 26, 2020 at 4:41 pm #

      Great question. Will try to get this clarified!

      • Richard August 26, 2020 at 7:44 pm #

        According to gsmarena.com’s hands-on it still has it, even with the move away from LCD. Interesting!

        • Admin August 26, 2020 at 7:57 pm #

          Thank you for posting back your findings. A lot of people appreciate this!

      • Boopathi January 14, 2021 at 5:25 pm #

        Hi sir tamilnadu Mobile eppa Sir launch Akum sir Asus Zenfone 7 / 7 pro

  2. Valery August 26, 2020 at 9:51 pm #

    And what about 12G/512G and 16G/512G models like ZS671KS-S865P-16G512G-BK? Asus has decided to drop these configurations?

    • Admin August 26, 2020 at 11:39 pm #

      Thanks for the comment. I think with the 20% price increase, ASUS is leery of putting out more higher priced configurations for now. The initial leak source indicated more configurations are possible.

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