Gearing up for the ZenFone 8 launch!

Where have we been hiding? Far away it seems! We don’t need to dwell on the recent past because there are more important things to discuss. Such as…the upcoming ZenFone 8 launch!

A lot of information has already hit the web and most likely you’ve already seen the images and read the specs on what may be three different ZenFone 8 models.

We have one burning question and it’s completely made up of self-interest concerns.

Will the ZenFone 8 series come back to North America?

See, a lot of what we do, we do it out of the love of ASUS products. Some of the reward comes via our site visitors if they use one of our links to buy a ZenFone. A healthy portion of our audience is US and Canada and when the ZenFone 7 wasn’t widely released it meant few sales.

We don’t run ads and we don’t link to other brands. We’re 100% ASUS ZenFone content and we are completely reliant on people wanting to buy them.

Certainly we can and have invested our own time without concern of any earnings when it comes to running websites over the years. Would we spend hours on the site just for the fun of it? In the past yes, but nowadays time is limited and some income to cover costs matters.

With that out of the way, we remain hopeful. Regardless of where the ZenFone 8 ends up available to buy, we are going to give you the details. We are gearing up starting right this second.

If you are unaware, unconfirmed reports suggest a ZenFone 8 Flip or ZenFone Flip which features the flipping camera that ASUS has been so well known for lately. It does appear that the ZenFone 8 will be a traditional design without the flip camera and will feature a “punch hole” in the display. The ZenFone 8 or ZenFone 8 Mini? We aren’t yet sure of those details just yet. We do know that ASUS is going smaller.

Looking back at the ZenFone 7 we think ASUS hit that price ceiling. We are hoping for the best for the ZenFone 8 availability globally and at a price that comes in lower than the ZenFone 7. Based on no flip camera (unconfirmed) on the ZenFone 8, we expect prices to reflect that fact.

We hope you stick with us heading into the launch as ZenFone 8 pre orders start up!

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