US gets an official Zenfone 9 release date from ASUS

Update August 6, 2022: You can actually buy a Zenfone 9 now. Full details and options here.

We can appreciate that every market in the world is asking when or if they might get a Zenfone 9 release date. The Zenfone 8 was a rather limited release but things are looking very promising for other parts of the world that missed out last time. We have something for people living in the US, and this also may apply to Canada as well.

US release date: September

This, according to ASUS via their ASUS North America twitter account. Here is a screenshot to verify the information we announcing here.

Of course as with all things in life, this is likely subject to change. However, we remain positive. This is actually a really be deal if ASUS can bring the Zenfone 9 to the US and Canada in September. We always seems to remember Oct and even November by the time the Zenfone models would end up in the US market. That’s our recollection anyways.

Not to put a damper on this news, but we do monitor what’s going on with the FCC and we haven’t seen the Zenfone 9 show up yet. This means something. We’ve never seen a device launch in less than around a month after showing up at the FCC. We always say, if it’s not at the FCC yet then a release is not close. We have a week or two until we get nervous and we will start to openly question the release date schedule for North America.


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