Breaking News! USA / Canada – Pre Order a Zenfone 9 now! Available Now. Full details.

Well this was quick! The fastest availability for a Zenfone for the US market and Canada market. Impressive feat by ASUS. We strongly urge you to pre order now because in past years the pre orders sell out and then you are stuck waiting for the next back of phones which will set you back a while. Make a decision quick! And yes, this is indeed the North American variant, the proper model with US warranty and proper network bands for US carriers.

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Shopping Link: Starts at $699 – Zenfone 9 from with free delivery – Click Here

Update: White 8G/256G is available for US/Canada (sold shipped by as well as Red 8G/128G. We have seen units show up during the day (sold shipping by so we suggest you check the product pages frequently and check all the different configurations that are offered!

Currently, Mobile Advance is the alternate seller on and they state an odd estimated shipping date. Mobile Advance is a legitimate ASUS retailer partner. Notice their prices are MSRP. They are partners with ASUS. We recommend ignoring their estimated delivery date because as we’ve seen in the past with ASUS releases, the actual date is much earlier than what’s stated. Perhaps it’s done to lower expectations of buyers. Whatever the case, you SHOULD NOT wait on pre ordering. Unfortunately Mobile Advance does not ship to Canada and it appears the allotment of Zenfone 9 models is out of stock currently. But if you live in the US, use our link and pre order now before more delays take place. The FCC filing date says to us that you should get the Zenfone 9 in your hands before the end of September at the latest.

So far the black and white models are available in 8G/128G, 8G/256G and 16G/256G configurations. $699, $749 and $799 USD.

** The Zenfone 9 is not compatible with CDMA Networks such as: Verizon , Sprint and US Cellular.

Sold and shipped by who DO SHIP TO CANADA. If you do live in Canada, this is your shot. Amazon makes it easy for you in Canada when buying of the .com version of the website and for the most part, you will just pay your provincial tax on top of the currency conversion. It’s not bad at all. Amazon appears to have sold out of their pre order allotment so Canada shoppers are out of luck for now. We are going to update everyone the second this situation changes. If you live in Canada, you should monitor our Zenfone 9 Canada page here for updates.

More details to come. Stay tuned!

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