What is your favorite Zenfone 10 color?

As we await the Zenfone 10 launch event on June 29, let’s have a bit of fun. We won’t call this a poll but we do hope that you will share your thoughts on the color choices for this year’s Zenfone model.

Very impressive colors! Our vote goes to red and green. The colors just pop! Obviously needing a clear case if you go with the more vibrant colors because you don’t want to hide it! As is typical with Zenfone launches, ASUS will determine their strongest markets and those markets will see the greatest variety of models. If you are in Europe or Asis be assured that you will see all these colors available. If you are in North America US market or another less strong market, you better grab one of these fancy colors if they do show up in stock. If you get inventory the number of units will likely be quite limited. Pre order when you get the first opportunity!

So please let us know in the comments below. Tell us your first and second favorite Zenfone 10 colors!


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