Zenfone 10 Pre Order – Full Details, Where To Buy, Price, Availability

USA Zenfone 10 pre orders now available! Proper US Variant! Click here – Zenfone 10 starting at $699 US Version – Amazon.com

International Shoppers! Buy a Zenfone 10 now! Here is the first listing we’ve found. Global shipping:

Click Here – Zenfone 10 – 256G/8G in black or white color with international shipping. eBay listing!

No more waiting! The Zenfone 10 has been officially announced and it’s available to buy in some areas of the world. We will keep you posted on where you can pre order and what options you have in terms of colors and configurations. ASUS has really sped up their delivery of the Zenfone series and pre orders followed immediately after the launch event.

So now is the time for our favorite post on the website. We will provide you will all the Zenfone 10 pre order details here! Release dates, prices, model numbers and tidbits will all be here. We will update this page on an ongoing basis so please keep coming back here for the latest details!

Zenfone 10 launch date: June 29, 2023

Zenfone 10 Price:

8GB / 128GB – €799.00

16GB / 512GB – €849.00 – €929.00

Start of Zenfone 10 pre orders: We expect Asia and Europe to have pre orders available almost immediately following the event. Other countries like the UK and USA will have to wait if it’s like other years. As for Canada it’s hard to say if the Zenfone 10 will see a release. If you recall, the Zenfone 9 was never officially released into Canada but you could buy via the US and have it shipped into Canada. Not ideal but a possible work around.

What Zenfone 10 colors are available?

Aurora Green, Midnight Black, Comet White, Eclipse Red, Starry Blue

Note: Configurations and color availability vary from country to country.

What’s the best new feature on the Zenfone 10?

Everything has obviously been updated from the Zenfone 9 from cameras to processor. The biggest new feature however would be the addition of wireless charging. There were quite a few comments from last year about the lack of wireless charging with the Zenfone 9. Clearly ASUS heard the feedback and made that an addition to this years Zenfone 10. To us though, the fact that ASUS didn’t change a lot from the Zenfone 9 is a pleasant change! Change for the sake of change is never a good thing but seems to happen all the time in the technology industry. Keep what works. We love that!

Model Numbers: These are partially accurate. We are making some assumptions and will have official confirmed model numbers right around the launch event.

ASUS_AI2302 (official)


AI2302-8G128G-BK-EU (black)
AI2302-8G256G-BK-EU (black)
AI2302-8G256G-GN-EU (green)
AI2302-8G256G-BU-EU (blue)
AI2302-8G256G-WH-EU (white)
AI2302-8G256G-RD-EU (red)
AI2302-16G512G-BK-EU (black)
AI2302-16G512G-GN-EU (green)

North American US Zenfone 10 Variants (unofficial):



AI2302-16G256G-BK — B0BBP4HCSN
AI2302-16G256G-WH **configuration may not be released

The new green color Zenfone 10 may not be released in the US market. These are our best guesses in terms of model numbers:



A lot more updates coming!!!


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  1. Stephen July 1, 2023 at 1:22 am #

    I have mixed feelings after the launch. I’m totally gutted ASUS have listened to the idiotic “tech journalists” and included wireless charging. I can assure you I have never once, a single time, with any phone I’ve ever owned, thought “oh, but I really wish I could charge this with an alternative wired charger, very very sluggishly at 15W!!”. Cos what sensible phone user would? And I really feel if they had just stuck to their guns and not included this gimmick, the space that they had to use for it could (and would) have been used for a bigger battery – making the incredible battery life on this thing go on for an INSANE amount of time. Still to this day, having pre-ordered my Zenfone 9, on most days of gaming (multiple games), WhatsApp, photo taking, video taking, whatever else, I’ve only needed to charge up the phone once per day – sometimes even LESS.

    I’m also disappointed they didn’t do anything to the speakers. Yes they added some fancy settings, but that’s not hardware. And one thing ASUS have been doing, pretty much year on year, is focusing on improving their speakers.

    BUT these disappointments aside, don’t be thinking I’ve not already pre-ordered my Zenfone 10! The 512GB option of course. Now THAT is a nice storage bump from the Zenfone 9!

    What’s amusing is going round all the “tech expert” sites to see them hastily..ahem..’updating’ their sites, and deleting their syndicated nonsense stating under their “Zenfone 10 – what we know” that it’s going to have a bigger screen and a 200mp camera. Where do they get their “leaker” intel from?? They’ve been telling us “it could come with a 200mp camera” since the Zenfone 8.

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