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First and foremost, we love Asus products. This isn’t to say that we will say something is good if it isn’t, but we do promise to be enthusiastic when it comes to talking about the Asus Zenfone products.

We’ve covered various Asus products over the years, and now we’re stepping into the Asus phone coverage with this site. We know that Asus is committed to bringing great technology to consumers at reasonable prices. This is part of the formula that put the Zenfone 2 into the spotlight when it came to market. It’s a winning formula and we see big success with the launch of the new Zenfone 3 models.

So take our motivation as a guarantee in terms of bringing the latest and greatest breaking news when it comes to the Zenfone products. Our goal is to break stories, not to just talk about things that everyone knows already. The build up to the unveiling of new products is what makes this exciting to us and there will be lots to discuss and report in the coming days, weeks and months.

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