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New reports suggests flip camera on ZenFone 7 and Pro model

With ASUS set to unveil the ROG Phone 3 in about two weeks from now, the ZenFone 7 news and rumors have been rather minimal. That may be changing however. A new report from a reliable website is suggesting something we almost gave up hope on. According to this new report, there will be two […]

News about ZenFone 7 hard to come by. Why?

As we reach the mid point of June 2020, barely a whisper about the ZenFone 7. This shows that ASUS is managing to limit leaks but at the same time it’s quite odd given the fact the ROG Phone 3 has been spotted in various ways. Both new phones slated for a similar launch date, […]

ZenFone 7 triple camera flip module possible, so says patent filings

ASUS really caught the tech world by surprise with their innovative “flip camera” module. It has proven to be the ultimate way to enable all-screen displays that are completely notch free. It’s so impressive that other big name phone companies have taken note. Huawei is one such company and their recent patent filing shows they […]