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What is your favorite Zenfone 10 color?

As we await the Zenfone 10 launch event on June 29, let’s have a bit of fun. We won’t call this a poll but we do hope that you will share your thoughts on the color choices for this year’s Zenfone model. Very impressive colors! Our vote goes to red and green. The colors just […]

Zenfone 10 Pre Order – Full Details, Where To Buy, Price, Availability

USA Zenfone 10 pre orders now available! Proper US Variant! Click here – Zenfone 10 starting at $699 US Version – International Shoppers! Buy a Zenfone 10 now! Here is the first listing we’ve found. Global shipping: Click Here – Zenfone 10 – 256G/8G in black or white color with international shipping. eBay listing! […]

Does the Zenfone 10 have stylus support?

We never claim to be better than anyone else out there. Not smarter that’s for sure! But do we have a “keener” eye than some? Perhaps you can share with us in the comments if we’re onto something. What the meaning is of this interesting item in the official ASUS teaser image? This image is […]

First official render of the ASUS Zenfone 10 – What we think so far

Well we are quite aware of how these things go it seems. As we suspected, we were days from a leak (or not so much) of an official render of the new Zenfone 10 series. Here we are folks! Don’t let your eyes deceive you. This is indeed the Zenfone 10 and not the Zenfone […]

ASUS shows the Zenfone 10 rear camera in official teaser

Cameras are a big part of a mobile phone experience and ASUS clearly likes what they have going on with the Zenfone 9 design. In fact, it appears that the Zenfone 10 will feature the same design rear camera design as its predessesor. The teaser video is short but if you pay attention you will get […]