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Reddit folks already talking ZenFone 7. Is it too early for that?

What the heck? It’s late October and countries still are waiting on either an official ZenFone 6 launch or new inventory. Clearly the ZenFone 6 is still in demand regardless of how confusing the launch schedule has been. Given that fact, should people even start talking ZenFone 7 now? It seems that Reddit users are […]

ZenFone 6 gets released in Brasil – Fans wanted cheaper price

Update: Official price is R$2.699,00 for 6GB/64GB,  R$3.399,00 for 6GB/128GB, R$3.999,00 for 8GB/256GB, and R$4.899,00 for ZenFone 6 Edition 30 with 12GB/512GB. Brasil is getting a ZenFone 6 event today along with the ROG Phone 2 unveiling. With other markets still waiting for their own ZenFone 6 perhaps this is encouraging news. The official prices […]

New ZenFone 6 update fixes screen rotation flashing black issue

It’s that time again. ASUS has rolled out their monthly update for the ZenFone 6. It does seem that they have a consistent schedule with something coming out every month or more depending on what issues are being reported out there. This October 14th update fixes a screen rotation flashing black issue. There have been […]