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It’s time for Zenfone 10

Well it appears we are coming in a bit behind schedule on this one! No excuses. We messed up! That said? Get ready for all things Zenfone 10 as we are heading right into the release events very soon. June 29th. Mark it on your calendars! With ASUS putting out some official details there is […]

ASUS offers $99 pre order gift – Links Inside

People have been very complimentary of the Zenfone 9. In fact, we believe the is the most highly regarded Zenfone ever. Yes, the Zenfone 6 was something special as well, but the volume of review of the Zenfone 9 say a lot. So, do you need one more reason why you should pre order one? […]

Breaking News! USA / Canada – Pre Order a Zenfone 9 now! Available Now. Full details.

Well this was quick! The fastest availability for a Zenfone for the US market and Canada market. Impressive feat by ASUS. Order now and these are shipping now. And yes, this is indeed the North American variant, the proper model with US warranty and proper network bands for US carriers. If you appreciate our content, […]

Zenfone 9 shows up at FCC – US launch coming soon!

We try to keep up with everything related to Zenfone releases. Every year when it comes to US and or Canada Zenfone releases and release dates, the FCC is a reliable indicator. On this front, we have some great news for people in the US hoping to buy a Zenfone 9 soon. Today, September 1, […]

Zenfone 9 Canada – How to buy a Zenfone 9 if you live in Canada

** News February 16, 2023 **    Shopping Links: –> Price Drop: Starting at $599 – In stock and shipping – Proper North American Variant – click here   Note: With our link above, the landing page gives you access to all colors and configurations available to buy. If you’re from Canada and are logged […]