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Live in the US? New ETA. Can you wait until Oct 2 for your ZenFone 6?

It has been a rocky road, this ZenFone 6 release. ASUS has managed to keep customers in the dark regarding shipping dates, release dates, and any other information that might help customers. It would appear the strategy of saying nothing trumps giving people bad news. If you knew the truth would you walk away without […]

ZenFone 6 Canada Price Revealed – We have all the details! [Updated]

[Updated Oct 12, 2019: The Amazon listing is now prices completely unreasonably. We will update with a new link when this situation changes. The initial units clearly sold out but this situation should change. Come back to our page for updates when it comes to Canadian availability! [Updated Oct 10, 2019: There are in-stock units […]

ASUS confirms ZenFone 6 release date (sort of) for US market

Most of us wouldn’t be surprised to hear that the ZenFone 6 is in high demand. As a result of this higher than expected demand, ASUS has been struggling to get a handle on availability. This in turn leads to a lot of unanswered questions from people about when they can buy a ZenFone 6 […]