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Latest CES 2017 teaser indicates 8GB RAM for Zenfone AR

Asus just put out a fun teaser which says “Crack the code”. Thanks to the brilliance out there, the code has been cracked. The answer is: 8GB RAM Considering the symbol in the teaser is indicative of the Zenfone AR, it’s safe to say it’s packing a whopping 8GB of RAM. Quite the statement from […]

A look at the Asus CES 2017 teaser images – Rumor Breakdown

On the eve of the Asus CES 2017 event, let’s look at what’s being rumored so far and what we’re expecting. First, let’s look at the teaser images in the recent past: Image 1: “Level up! World’s best processor now fully unleashed the potential! Save the date: 01.04.17 #ASUS #ZenFone #Zennovation #CES2017” This is the […]

CES 2017 Speculation: One phone or Two phones?

When Asus publicly states they are making a big splash at CES 2017, it means something. It means they will be unveiling something substantial. Breathtaking even? Typically Asus leaves their big unveils for Computex in Taipei, Taiwan in the first week of June. However, based on what Asus has teased regarding CES 2017, there is […]

Asus at CES 2017 first teaser image – Hints at Zenfone 3 Zoom?

Asus has made their CES 2017 event date official. The invitations have gone out! Here is the image, then let’s analyze it. So the time is 11:30am on January 4, 2017. What’s interesting is the Qualcomm logo. Asus CEO Jerry Shen indicated at the most recent investors conference that Qualcomm believed that there is a […]

Asus CEO Jerry Shen says Zenfone AR is coming at CES 2017

Things seem quite clear that Asus is going to come strong to CES 2017 in January. News at it relates to the Zenfone Series comes from Digitimes which sources Asus CEO Jerry Shen who confirms an AR enabled smartphone, the Zenfone AR. Details are not yet known, but according to Digitimes, the Zenfone AR will […]