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Full Details – India ASUS 6z (ZenFone 6)

India is an important market to ASUS and judging by the group of top executives on-hand for the ZenFone 6 (known as 6z in India due to trademark issue) launch event, this product is very important to the company. India has been price sensitive and with the praise that the 6z has received, it’s unclear […]

It’s ASUS 6z, not ZenFone 6 for India (rebrand only)

Nothing like a bit of tech drama. ASUS is moving ahead in spite of the “Zen” court challenges and is pushing ahead with their planned June 19th release date for the ZenFone 6 in India. We mean to say the “ASUS 6Z” release date in India is moving forward as planned. The company appears to […]

ZenFone 6 India release date gets delayed

ASUS has been getting a lot of headlines the past few days regarding their legal issues in India regarding the use of the word, “zen”. A court has ruled that ASUS must stop using “zen” by a set date in July, but there is one more opportunity for the company to get the order revoked. […]