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Japan officially gets 3 models initially, including two different Zenfone 3 Deluxe phones

That was quick! The Zenvolution Japan event has come and gone but we have the Zenfone 3 details. There are going to be three models initially, with a promise to have the Zenfone 3 Ultra later this year. We do not know about the Max or Laser models at this time. Prices: Zenfone 3 Deluxe […]

Second to last Zenvolution event is Japan and it’s happening right about now

Japan is getting their Zenvolution event which means their official Zenfone 3 unveil, complete with prices. Some rumors have already started prior to the event which we will talk about below. As most of you know by now if you’ve been following our site over the past couple of months, the US launch appears to […]