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Why the ZenFone 6 is the best ZenFone ever

Can we go out on a limb for a moment? Calling something the best can always be debated but that’s part of the fun right? With the launch of the ZenFone 6, we are now declaring this the best ZenFone ever. It’s hard to think of ASUS being able to top that original ZenFone Zoom. […]

Has ASUS learned anything from past ZenFone failures?

Excited? We are! The new ZenFone 6 unveil is about to happen! Plenty of leaks out there and most of the details are known. As followers of the ZenFone series for years, we have one big question when it comes to the ZenFone 6. Has ASUS learned from past mistakes? We have been scratching our […]

ASUS refutes claim that ZenFone brand is dead

ASUS is issuing a statement to affirm their commitment to the ZenFone brand. The suggestion is that the reports spelling the end of the ZenFone brand are false. Here is the statement ASUS released: “With regard to doubts raised by some on the continuation of the ZenFone brand, we confirm that we will continue to […]

What do you think is best feature of the ZenFone Max Pro?

Asus recently released a video in India in which they asked many tech journalists their favorite thing about the ZenFone Max Pro. Do you want to wager what they like the most? Completely unscientific and we only got a glimpse of various responses, but it seemed to me that the pure Android operating system was […]

Report out of India suggests that 2018/19 is do or die for ZenFone brand

We’ve sat on this story for a week or so contemplating whether to mention it or not. We did a follow-up with the article reporter and they did reply with additional information. On that basis, we do believe that it’s accurate. It’s also worth noting that the article was written prior to the India unveil […]