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Hours remain before official ZenFone 7 unveil – Let’s recap!

Talk about bad timing for us! Vacation time couldn’t be pushed back and as you might expect, official ZenFone 7 news breaks while we were without much in the way of internet access. We do apologize as we pride ourselves on being first when it comes to ZenFone 7 news. Thank you to all of […]

Kernel source code confirms 6.4-inch display on ZenFone 7 (ZS670KS)

The only tweets happening these days sound pretty much all the same. When is the ZenFone 7 announcement? We don’t have that answer but we do try and provide news and tidbits that come out along the way here. An interesting news story takes a look into the kernel source code of the ROG Phone […]

What’s the hold-up on the ZenFone 7 announcement?

We wait. It’s well past a normal release date and ASUS continues to remain mum on any marketing around a ZenFone 7 unveil event. We have a few thoughts and theories to share while we wait. Something occurred to us today. What if ASUS hasn’t decided yet on their final ZenFone 7 pricing? This isn’t […]

Bluetooth certification confirms two ZenFone 7 models ZS670KS and ZS671KS

ASUS has been more than a little coy when it comes to the ZenFone 7 release. Trusty certifications are always reliable for gleaming some information. What we have is further proof of two different ZenFone 7 models. August 1 sees a new listing on the Bluetooth certification pages, showing the ASUS_I002D which also lists the […]

ZS671KS is ZenFone 7 Pro – ZS670KS is ZenFone 7

This is a humbling moment for us. Not earth shattering bad, but we pride ourselves in getting accurate information on the ZenFone series and having reliable insight. We must swallow our pride and admit our mistake on this one however. First, with a new filing at the EEC, we can now for the first time […]