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Every ZenFone Max Pro M1 owner or prospective owner needs to read this!

This is an important announcement. This is our way of drawing your attention to something that you need to be made aware of IF you’re planning to buy or have already bought the popular ZenFone Max Pro M1. This advice goes to anyone shopping for one of the budget mobile phones. BUY A SCREEN PROTECTOR […]

Let’s not forget about the ZenFone Max M1 (ZB555KL) (ZB556KL)

With all the chatter about the ZenFone Max Pro M1 it seems that its smaller brother, the ZenFone Max M1 hasn’t gotten much love. Keep in mind that the two phones may appear as the same, but they most certainly are not. Let’s change that! It doesn’t really matter which “Max” phone you’re looking at […]

Price reactions at ZenFone Max Pro M1 unveil events

We are still trying to digest what just happened. Judging by initial reactions to the price unveil for the ZenFone Max Pro, we’re not alone in the astonishment. There are a number of words you can use to describe our reaction. Amazed. Shocked. Confused. Bewildered. Happy. The journey of the ZenFone series had be interesting […]