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New ZenFone 6 update fixes screen rotation flashing black issue

It’s that time again. ASUS has rolled out their monthly update for the ZenFone 6. It does seem that they have a consistent schedule with something coming out every month or more depending on what issues are being reported out there. This October 14th update fixes a screen rotation flashing black issue. There have been […]

New DXOMARK scoring system rates ZenFone 6 camera even higher

By the sheer innovation of the flip camera module, it wasn’t surprising that when the ZenFone 6 was first tested by DXOMARK that it was the best selfie camera on the market. The overall DXOMARK score back then was impressive for the ZenFone 6. After DXOMARK recently added “Wide” and “Night” modes to their scoring […]

Oppo files patent for “ZenFone 6 like” flip camera

The expression, imitation is the ultimate form of flattery, rings true for the ASUS ZenFone 6 flip camera. It appears at this point, ASUS has created a solution for a problem that all-screen displays suffer from—a lack of space. Other companies are paying attention it seems. We’ve just learned of another company (Oppo) have submitted […]