Malaysia – ZenFone 6 – Pre Order, Price, Where To Buy


ZenFone 6 Shopping Guide – Malaysia

As with most other countries, Malaysia is having to wait for a ZenFone 6 release. The phone has turned out to be very popular and the places that it was first launched, it has been selling out. It’s not certain if the low stock situation is delaying the release date in countries like Malaysia. At last word, insiders suggested that ASUS will be releasing the ZenFone 6 in Malaysia during Q3 2019 which means between July and September. If you are aware of the ZenFone 5Z pricing in Malaysia at launch, expect the ZenFone 6 to be the same price. ASUS at the first unveil event said that the phone would not be more, and not priced higher than last years model. Good news?

Previous Updates:

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