ZenFone Flip – ASUS foldable dual screen ZenFone

The masters of innovation would clearly salivate at the possibility of a flip phone. A new category such as this has plenty of room for ideas and improvements. Only two companies thus far have ventured into this space but with Microsoft going dual-screen soon, other companies may have no choice but to follow.

ASUS has pushed categories beyond expectations in the past. Sure there were tablets and ASUS came into that category after Apple, but who came up with the ASUS Transformer? Who came up with the ASUS Slider? Those were ASUS innovation.

A ZenFone Flip is not fantasy. It’s likely in the works. In fact, there may be more than one possibility because there are foldable glass products and there will be the Microsoft “hinged” products. It doesn’t yet seem that it’s one size fits all just yet. The industry is trying to decide which design customers might want.

ASUS has teased the idea of a ZenFone Flip recently by their ASUS Design Center. Again, not a surprise that the company is investing research and design in this category. Consider too that ASUS is capable of creating and releasing a mobile phone with a flip camera module that has never been seen before. Just imagine what ASUS might come up with on a flip-style ZenFone!