How to pre order and buy a ZenFone 6 (2019) ZS630KL

Update December 21: US now has stock of the $549 6GB/128GB model in both Silver and Black. See listing here on Amazon (Silver) available now with free shipping. The Midnight Black color is available and listed here.

France has 6GB/128GB (499,00 €) in stock: Shops from and sold by – click here for listing

Canada has 6GB/128GB in stock. Here is a direct link to the product page on

Germany has another option for buying the 6GB/128GB. Link: Shipped from and sold by €559.00 in Midnight Black.

Indonesia has ZenFone 6 availability. Only the 6GB/128GB model and is available to buy (Rp 6,999,000) at and Tokopedia .

Now available in Australia! ZenFone 6 with 6GB/128GB in Midnight Black from Toby Deals for AU$879. Free shipping to Australia and New Zealand. Click here to visit Toby Deals and see the ZenFone 6 product listing. (Note: if you are using uBlock Origin, our link is safe and only sends you to the Toby Deal website listing.)

For US/Canada/International shoppers, from B&H, Midnight Black/Twilight Silver models with either 6GB/64 ($499), 6GB/128GB ($549) or 8GB/256GB ($599). If you live in the US, B&H are running a special free offer deal worth $60. You get a Mint Mobile 3-Month 8GB Prepaid SIM Card Kit (3-month Unlimited Talk & Text + 8GB Data Per Month). Click here to check the listings on B&H.

UK ASUS online store has in-stock units, both 6GB/128GB (£499.99) and 8GB/256GB (£599.99) in Midnight Black.

Can you believe the date and the fact many countries still don’t have availability? Brasil just go their official release. Indonesia is by the end of the year according to ASUS sources. No other release dates that we’ve found yet. Rumors are that the Philippines and other countries may be missed all together! With the US fully stocked at this point, there appears to be more inventory than ever before. Good news in our opinion for release dates in those countries still waiting.

The $899 USD ROG Phone 2 is available now (options for Canada and International as well) and we have full details here.

If you are outside of the current ZenFone 6 stocked countries, you can look at international options here. If you are outside of the US and don’t want to deal with 3rd party sellers, check that linked article out. Ordering from the one US retailer (who ship internationally) may be a decent option for those of you from Australia and other countries.

ASUS has officially disclosed why the ZenFone 6 production has been slow, but according to ASUS the issue is resolved now. There must have been other issues because other countries have been slow to get their inventory. ASUS continues to say very little on the inventory woes but we hope to see good news soon. Yes, it’s something that we keep saying far too often.

Since launch, we have been painfully tracking various pre-order opportunities across many markets and many retailers. If you hear something, please let us know via email. We post information as we get it. If you want availability updates emailed to you, please sign-up for our newsletter here. Remember to check your junk/trash folder though as sometimes newsletter emails can get missed and filtered as spam. If you are wondering why the delays for buying a ZenFone 6, we discuss the situation here.

Buy Now Links:

Link #1 > $539 – 6GB RAM – 128GB Storage – Midnight Black – eBay – Free shipping

Link #2 > $632 – 8GB RAM – 256GB Storage – Black or Silver – eBay – Free economy shipping

  • Cellular Band (3G): WCDMA B1 / B2 / B3 / B4 / B5 / B6 / B8 / B19
  • Cellular Band (LTE): LTE B1~B5/B7/B8/B18/B19/B26/B28/B38/B39/B41/B66

Pre Order & Buy Now Links:

UK + Europe (AT, HR, CZ, FR, DE, HU, PL, RO, SK, SI) – Available From – All Models – Click Here

UK ( Overpriced 3rd Party Sellers Currently

Germany ( Overpriced 3rd Party Sellers Currently

France ( Overpriced 3rd Party Sellers Currently

Italy ( Overpriced 3rd Party Sellers Currently


ASUS Online Stores Stock update October 10: Largely across Europe, the 6GB/64GB is not available. The 8GB/256GB is available in Midnight Black and 6GB/128GB is available in either Midnight Black or Twilight Silver. We are monitoring these ASUS online store inventory levels and update whenever possible.

Misc Availability:

  • Most countries that do not have pre-order information or availability yet are delayed due to stock shortages. The situation is improving as of mid-August.
  • India has the following configurations in Midnight Black: 6GB/64GB, 6GB/128GB, 8GB/256GB.
  • Hong Kong has stock of all models in Midnight Black. Twilight Silver is delayed until mid-August. 6GB/128GB, 8GB/256GB (source: official ASUS Hong Kong online store)
  • Sweden has in-stock ZenFone 6 units at various retailers. shows 126GB model in stock.
  • Italy being the initial launch country has various retailers selling the ZenFone 6.
  • Europe countries still have the best availability as of late August but still do not have the 8GB/256GB models available.

Note: We do not show ads on our website. These shopping links will provide a small commission to us, which is our only means of monetization on our website. If you appreciate our website content and articles, please use our shopping links. Thanks for your consideration.

If you live in Europe and have an ASUS online store, it’s worth checking their stock on a regular basis. The in-stock status has been fluctuating over the past couple of weeks. Not a lot of units but they do show up and sell out quickly.

Here is the pricing breakdown for Europe, Taiwan, US, and UK:

  • 6GB RAM / 64GB ROM
    • 499 EUR
    • $499 USD
    • $799 CAD
    • 5 299,00 SEK
    • ₹31,999
    • 2 199,00 zł
    • 159 990,00 Ft
    • 12 990,00 Kč
    • 3.999,00 DKK
  • 6GB RAM / 128GB ROM
    • 559 EUR
    • $549 USD
    • £499.99
    • NT$ 17,990
    • ₹34,999
    • HK$4,998
    • 5 799,00 SEK
    • 2 399,00 zł
    • 189 990,00 Ft
    • 14 490,00 Kč
    • 4.399,00 DKK
  • 8GB RAM / 256GB ROM
    • 599 EUR
    • £599.99
    • $599 USD
    • NT$ 20,990
    • HK$5,798
    • ₹39,999
    • 6 299,00 SEK
    • 2 599,00 zł
    • 207 990,00 Ft
    • 15 990,00 Kč
    • 4.699,00 DKK
  • 12GB RAM / 512GB ROM (ZenFone 6 Edition 30)
    • NT$ 27,990 (55% more expensive than 6GB/128GB Taiwan version price)
    • 866 EUR (estimate only)
    • $850 USD (estimate only)
    • £774.98 (estimate only)

Where can I buy the Twilight Silver color version of the ZenFone 6?

Twilight Silver is now starting to show up at various retailers. If you want this color, be fast during pre-order opportunities. Only a limited number will be made available to pre-order. In the US for example, the Twilight Silver sold out during the pre-order phase quite quickly. The production of Twilight Silver takes more time than the Midnight Black. Expect stock to show up soon, expect limited stock and fast sell-outs. We recommend you act quickly and order right away when the chance comes.

How does this pricing compare to the competition like say, the OnePlus 7 Pro?

  • 6GB/128GB: $669 USD – 699/709€
  • 8GB/256 GB: $699 USD – 749/759€
  • 12GB/256GB: $749 USD – 819/829€

How does this pricing compare to the Google Pixel 3a XL?

  • 64GB – $479 USD

What versions of the ZenFone 6 (ZS630KL) will be available in the US and Canada?

  • The 6GB/64GB, 6GB/128GB, 8GB/256GB models will be available in North American markets (US and Canada)

What is this newly announced ZenFone 6 Edition 30? Where can I buy it and when will it be available?

The ZenFone 6 Edition 30 is a variant of the ZenFone 6 that ASUS announced as part of their 30-year anniversary. This model has 12GB of RAM, 256GB storage, a 30-month warranty, and a differently designed rear. Only 3,000 units will be produced. No pricing or availability has been announced so far.

What network bands will the North America variant of the ZenFone 6 have?

  • Just like previous generations of ZenFone models, expect the typical networks to be compatible. As ASUS states about network compatibility in the US, “This device is not compatible with CDMA Networks such as: Verizon, Sprint, and US Cellular.” As for Canada, here is what ASUS says: “Compatible with GSM Networks including Rogers, Bell, Telus, Wind, Fido, Virgin, Koodo and cellular network providers utilizing GSM network.” Here are a couple charts to sort out the US and Canada compatibility:



Need more answers to your questions? Check our dedicated ZenFone 6 page here.

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ZenFone 7 triple camera flip module possible, so says patent filings

ASUS really caught the tech world by surprise with their innovative “flip camera” module. It has proven to be the ultimate way to enable all-screen displays that are completely notch free. It’s so impressive that other big name phone companies have taken note. Huawei is one such company and their recent patent filing shows they are looking at implementing a triple-camera flip module on their next generation phones.

With all the material shortages and inventory woes of the ZenFone 6 thanks to the camera flip module, we asked out loud whether ASUS would consider a flip mechanism on their ZenFone 7 series. When some of the biggest players in the mobile phone industry take notice and appear poised to release their own flip camera, ASUS may simply not have a choice but to keep their trademark flip camera module.

There is something to be said about short term pain for long term gain. One would think that this first generation flip module on the ZenFone 6 will mean a better rollout of the next generation ZenFone 7. Over the recent months we wondered about fitting triple cameras into such a mechanism. It’s clear that mobile phones are headed to the triple camera system and if the flip module can’t keep pace with that trend, then it would make a flip camera module obsolete. It’s always going to be a question of how much technology that can be put into a flip camera module.

We are cautiously optimistic about a triple-camera system in the ZenFone 7. It’s one thing to see a patent from a competitor, but it’s another thing to see this implementation in real life. A bigger mechanism means what for production? Will this strain the mechanism that ASUS implemented in the ZenFone 6 or can they just get away with some minor tweaks in order to add another lense?

It’s not great news for ASUS to see big companies like Huawei embracing the potential of a flip camera module. Sure it’s nice to be innovators, but in terms of competitive edge, ASUS seems bound to lose that next year with their ZenFone 7. Perhaps the manufacturing and engineering side of things will slow down competitors. ASUS can stick this feather in their cap and hopefully gain some credibility points in the minds of consumers and tech reviewers that they were first and others followed.


Huawei files patent for “ZenFone-like” flip camera design

Haven’t we discussed recently another company filing patents for a very similar looking flip camera module ala ZenFone 6? Yes, indeed Oppo patent filings clearly showed some similarities. Now one of the biggest phone manufacturers Huawei have filed patents for designs that look incredibly similar to the ASUS flip camera module design. ASUS have seemingly become trend setters in the mobile phone space.

ASUS has a long history of innovation. The company doesn’t fear failure and as a result they have created and launched many products that may have been considered ahead of their time. The ZenFone 6 flip camera fits in that category of being a solution to a problem that no other manufacturers have been able to solve. It shouldn’t be surprising to see some other phone manufacturers jump onboard the flip camera craze now that ASUS has proven it works and it is durable.

We have wondered out loud if the ZenFone 7 will feature the flip camera and whether it will become a trademark of the ASUS ZenFone series. With seeing Oppo and Huawei filing their patents, it’s quite clear that ASUS should keep the flip camera because most likely in 2020 other phones from competitors will feature a similar design.

ASUS recently spoke about their manufacturing challenges of the ZenFone 6 as the inventory situation was just short of a complete disaster. The materials were a challenge, but it seems that the actual production of the flip camera module was difficult in the early stages. ASUS executives indicated that for the ZenFone 7 things will be different. Certainly ASUS has a better grasp on the manufacturing of the flip camera module and have a good understanding of the process and materials required.

Seeing Oppo with a patent similar to the ASUS flip camera is one thing, but when Huawei is looking to a similar design, it really provides far more insight into where the industry is headed. Considering the bleak outlook of the ZenFone series and the squabbling within the ASUS executive ranks about the mobile phone business, seeing Huawei patents of a similar design should be a proud moment for ASUS.

[source: LetsGoDigital via]

ZenFone 7 will have 5G (resulting in higher price) says ASUS

ASUS managed to keep the ZenFone 6 pricing in line with the previous ZenFone 5Z model, which as it turns out, was cheap enough to stand out from the competition. With the ZenFone 7, everyone should temper their expectations because ASUS has essentially said adding 5G will increase the average sales price (ASP) but a significant amount.

At the most recent ASUS investors conference in Taipei, Taiwan, executives fielding some questions regarding the ZenFone 7 release next year. It was confirmed that the ZenFone 7 will ship with 5G and because of that technology onboard, the price will be increasing. In business speak, this is referred to as ASP, or average selling price. ASUS is quoted as saying the addition of 5G will make the ASP “significantly higher”.

Don’t panic here folks. Expect ASUS pricing to still be lower than a majority of the competition. If adding 5G technology will be essential for all mobile phones in 2020 and beyond, then other manufacturers will also need to increase their device pricing. Simply said, 5G will cost consumers more and it will be unavoidable because 4G only phones will be rare and likely won’t exist in any flagship level phones.

Obviously 5G is a real game changer and will be something everyone will want to utilize. However, 5G rollout across the planet has been slow and it has limited availability in many countries. That will gradually be changing, but in 2020, how much more 5G will be available in your home country? Likely only major metropolitan centers will enjoy the benefits so paying more for a 5G enabled phone might be a sore point for many.

The ZenFone 7 rumors should start soon enough as we are just winding down 2019. It’s a safe bet that a price increase is coming next year thanks (or not) to the addition of 5G which ASUS says will be part of every phone they release in 2020. We at least have one solid answer about the ZenFone 7. Let’s not forget the strong possibility of wireless charging for the ZenFone 7 based on this accessory leak.

A big question for us is whether the ZenFone 7 will adopt the flip camera. Stay tuned, we’re all over the breaking ZenFone 7 news as we move closer to launch date!

[source: ASUS Inventors]