How to pre order and buy a ZenFone 6 (2019) ZS630KL

Update July 10: It has been a long while since our last in-stock update. A lot has changed. The ZenFone 6 has proven itself and it a GREAT option to buy. We look at a recent Reddit thread where long-time owners of the ZenFone 6 give a rating out of 10. A majority put it at 9 or 8 after having used it and owned it. Reddit is a tough crowd, but an honest crowd. The ZenFone 6 is a winner and worthy of your money. Now the harder part is where can you buy one. If you want one, don’t wait for sale prices or the cheaper model because the stock is low and supplies will be gone entirely. Most online retailers show no stock, so we are hopefully saving you some hassle with links and information.

Buy Now Links:

Link #1: $699 USD – 2 Available – 512GB/8GB – Free Standard Shipping – eBay – Ship from USA

Link #2: $703 USD – 3 Available – 512GB/8GB – Free Expedited International Shipping – eBay

Link #3: $755 USD – 128GB/6GB – Free Expedited International Shipping – eBay – USA Seller

Link #4: $939 USD – 256GB/8GB – Free Expedited International Shipping – eBay – USA Seller

Link #5: Canada has 2 different models in stock. 128GB/6GB (5 in-stock) and 512GB/12GB Special Edition (2 in-stock). Low stock but great opportunity to buy one. Here is a direct link to the product page on

Indonesia has ZenFone 6 availability. Only the 6GB/128GB model and is available to buy (Rp 6,999,000) at and Tokopedia .

The $899 USD ROG Phone 2 is available (shopping options for Canada and International) and we have full details here.

If you are outside of the current ZenFone 6 stocked countries, you can look at international options here. If you are outside of the US and don’t want to deal with 3rd party sellers, check that linked article out. Ordering from the one US retailer (who ship internationally) may be a decent option for those of you from Australia and other countries.

ASUS has officially disclosed the ZenFone 6 production issues, but they have been able to resolve those issues. It seems a bit uncanny to see the ZenFone 6 as “discontinued” across most retailers globally. This fact opens up the possibility that ASUS is putting their efforts into ensuring smooth ZenFone 7 production as rumors indicate it will also use the flip camera module albeit with more lenses. ASUS went for perfection on the flip camera and the materials used to manufacture it. They paid a price in terms of slow production but the solid performance of this innovation show reliability and trust has won over a lot of consumers. This bodes well for the ZenFone 7.

Since launch, we have been painfully tracking various pre-order opportunities across many markets and many retailers. If you hear of stock at this point in mid-2020, please let us know via email. We post information as we get it. If you want availability updates for the ZenFone 7 emailed to you, please sign-up for our newsletter here. Remember to check your junk/trash folder though as sometimes newsletter emails can get missed and filtered as spam.

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New reports suggests flip camera on ZenFone 7 and Pro model

With ASUS set to unveil the ROG Phone 3 in about two weeks from now, the ZenFone 7 news and rumors have been rather minimal. That may be changing however. A new report from a reliable website is suggesting something we almost gave up hope on.

According to this new report, there will be two models, the ZenFone 7 and ZenFone 7 Pro. We have been skeptical at the suggestion of there being more than one model because ASUS has been on record saying one phone, per year, that’s it. Maybe that taste of success with the ZenFone 6 changed their strategy.

Consider too that the ZenFone 6 featured LCD display technology. For many (like me) that was a deal breaker. It’s entirely possible that ASUS could include an AMOLED display technology on the ZenFone 7 Pro which could justify a higher price point. Many people would be more than happy to pay more for that display option.

The bigger aspect of this report however is that the ZenFone 7 will feature the flip camera module, but with more lenses. We took the previous leaked images of what was said to be the ZenFone 7 which show hole punch design and not flip camera.

Why might we believe this unsubstantiated report rather than the previously leaked images? It’s the silence of the ZenFone 7 rumors that has us curious. Maybe the reason ASUS has kept the ZenFone 7 under wraps to this extent is because they want to keep this a surprise. Either that or there is nothing particular special about the ZenFone 7 which would be true if it simply has the common hole punch design.

We have confidence in this recent report. It’s a credible source. Sure there isn’t a document or image associated with the report but we can certainly entertain it’s authenticity.

The ZenFone 7 has no official news so it’s certainly lagging behind the ROG Phone 3 which ASUS is promoting already. The ZenFone 7 could make an incredible splash if indeed it’s sporting a more complex, multi-lense flip camera module. Let’s all hope for something special!


News about ZenFone 7 hard to come by. Why?

As we reach the mid point of June 2020, barely a whisper about the ZenFone 7. This shows that ASUS is managing to limit leaks but at the same time it’s quite odd given the fact the ROG Phone 3 has been spotted in various ways. Both new phones slated for a similar launch date, so what gives?

We are quite certain that the ZenFone 7 is not going to feature the flip camera but instead will have a double pin hole on the front of the display. This belief comes from a couple of early leaked images that we believe to have some validity.

Given that the flip camera was a feature worthy of praise, the ZenFone 7 may not posses a similar “wow” factor and as a result, the inventory woes won’t be a problem this time around. So we expect no issues with in-stock inventory, but we do wonder if specs alone will be enough for the ASUS ZenFone 7 to get some of the ZenFone 6 shine. It’s doubtful considering the number of competitors and strong mobile phone brand names that tend to dominate every year.

The lack of news is largely the result of the virus pandemic. Computex 2020 being delayed and now cancelled has put a real damper in any ASUS product unveils. Many other companies have done low-key launches so it’s entirely possible that we will wake up and see the ZenFone 7 listed on the ASUS website without much of a lead-up at all. This would be acceptable given the global pandemic and concerns on a much bigger scale than a smartphone release.

So be assured that we are monitoring our usual source for ZenFone 7 information. Each day we get more determined because when the flood gates open, there will be lot of news and information to cover. Stay tuned and follow our Twitter channel for breaking news!

ZenFone 7 triple camera flip module possible, so says patent filings

ASUS really caught the tech world by surprise with their innovative “flip camera” module. It has proven to be the ultimate way to enable all-screen displays that are completely notch free. It’s so impressive that other big name phone companies have taken note. Huawei is one such company and their recent patent filing shows they are looking at implementing a triple-camera flip module on their next generation phones.

With all the material shortages and inventory woes of the ZenFone 6 thanks to the camera flip module, we asked out loud whether ASUS would consider a flip mechanism on their ZenFone 7 series. When some of the biggest players in the mobile phone industry take notice and appear poised to release their own flip camera, ASUS may simply not have a choice but to keep their trademark flip camera module.

There is something to be said about short term pain for long term gain. One would think that this first generation flip module on the ZenFone 6 will mean a better rollout of the next generation ZenFone 7. Over the recent months we wondered about fitting triple cameras into such a mechanism. It’s clear that mobile phones are headed to the triple camera system and if the flip module can’t keep pace with that trend, then it would make a flip camera module obsolete. It’s always going to be a question of how much technology that can be put into a flip camera module.

We are cautiously optimistic about a triple-camera system in the ZenFone 7. It’s one thing to see a patent from a competitor, but it’s another thing to see this implementation in real life. A bigger mechanism means what for production? Will this strain the mechanism that ASUS implemented in the ZenFone 6 or can they just get away with some minor tweaks in order to add another lense?

It’s not great news for ASUS to see big companies like Huawei embracing the potential of a flip camera module. Sure it’s nice to be innovators, but in terms of competitive edge, ASUS seems bound to lose that next year with their ZenFone 7. Perhaps the manufacturing and engineering side of things will slow down competitors. ASUS can stick this feather in their cap and hopefully gain some credibility points in the minds of consumers and tech reviewers that they were first and others followed.