ZenFone 7 Official Launch – Price, Full Details

The wait is over. No more guessing! The official ASUS unveiling for the ZenFone 7 (ZS670KS) and ZenFone 7 Pro (ZS671KS) has wrapped up and we have all the details. There is a lot to unpack so let’s get right into it!

Live in North America? The ROG Phone 3 is now available, the North America version with 5G. We have full details here.

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Two Models:

  • ZenFone 7 (ZS670KS)
  • ZenFone 7 Pro (ZS671KS)

Biggest Surprise:

  • Both ZenFone 7 and ZenFone 7 Pro have AMOLED display

Pre-Order Start Date:

  • Taiwan – pre order now and ships September 1
  • Europe – pre order as of September 1 – ships September 9

What countries will have ZenFone 7 and ZenFone 7 Pro stock first?

What is the price of the ZenFone 7 (ZS670KS)

  • 6GB/128GB – NT$ 21,990
  • 8GB/128GB – € 699.00
  • 8GB/256GB – NT$ 23,990

What is the price of the ZenFone 7 Pro (ZS671KS)

  • 8GB/256GB
    • NT$ 27,990
    • € 799.00

How much more expensive is the ZenFone 7 than the ZenFone 6 at launch?

  • 22% – The 6G/128G model is the only comparable we have right now and in Taiwan, the price has increased 22% over last year. In part due to AMOLED, 5G and improved flip camera technology/cameras.

What are the model numbers and part numbers of the ZenFone 7 Series?

  • ZenFone 7 (ZS670KS) – 6G/128G (Black)
    • ZS670KS-2A001TW (Taiwan)
    • 90AI0021-M00010
  • ZenFone 7 (ZS670KS) – 8G/128G (Black)
    • ZS670KS-2A002TW (Taiwan)
    • 90AI0021-M00020
    • ZS670KS-2A014EU (Europe)
    • 90AI0021-M00140
  • ZenFone 7 (ZS670KS) – 8G/128G (White)
    • ZS670KS-2B003TW (Taiwan)
    • 90AI0022-M00030
    • ZS670KS-2B015EU (Europe)
    • 90AI0022-M00150
  • ZenFone 7 Pro (ZS671KS) – 8G/256G (Black)
    • ZS671KS-2A004TW (Taiwan)
    • 90AI0021-M00040
    • ZS671KS-2A016EU
    • 90AI0021-M00160
  • ZenFone 7 Pro (ZS671KS) – 8G/256G (White)
    • ZS671KS-2B005TW (Taiwan)
    • 90AI0022-M00050
    • ZS671KS-2B017EU
    • 90AI0022-M00170

What are the available ZenFone 7 and ZenFone 7 Pro colors?

  • Pastel White
  • Aurora Black

How has the flip camera changed and improved from the ZenFone 6 to ZenFone 7?

Well for starters, it flips super fast now! ASUS increased the number of cameras to three for the ZenFone 7 compared to two cameras last year in the ZenFone 6.

Here is a breakdown of the new lenses in the flip camera:

  • main camera is a 64-megapixel (f / 1.8) Sony IMX686 sensor with optical stabilization (can capture 4x the brightness in low-light conditions)
  • 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle (f / 2.2) Sony IMX363 sensor (1.4um pixels) which features dual pixel auto focus along with macro mode, capable of going down to 4cm
  • 8 mega-pixel (f / 2.4) x3 telephoto lens with optical stabilization
  • 4-axis OIS (optical image stabilization) on the ZenFone 7 Pro (ZS671KS)

Do either of the ZenFone 7 models have a headphone jack?

No. Unfortunately ASUS had to remove the headphone jack in both the ZenFone 7 (ZS670KS) and the ZenFone 7 Pro (ZS671KS)

Does the ZenFone 7 have a microSD card slot?

Yes! Both models have microSD card slot up to 2TB.

Does the ZenFone 7 or ZenFone 7 Pro have an AMOLED display?

Yes, both the ZenFone 7 Pro (ZS671KS) and ZenFone 7 (ZS670KS) have AMOLED display.

How is the ZenFone 7 Pro different than the ZenFone 7?

  • Here is a list of what is exclusive to the ZenFone 7 Pro:
    • Snapdragon 865+
    • 8G/256G
    • 4-axis OIS (optical image stabilization)

What is the refresh rate of the ZenFone 7?

Up to 90Hz refresh rate on both the ZenFone 7 and ZenFone 7 Pro.

What are the specs of the ZenFone 7 (ZS670KS)?

There is an expression, a picture is worth a thousand words. Click on the image to read it!

What are the specs of the ZenFone 7 Pro (ZS671KS)?

An image of the specs sheet? Sure, here’s one for you. Click it to see bigger size that’s easier to read!

What resolutions and frame rates are available for recording video?

  • 8K – 30FPS
  • 4K – 120FPS
  • 1080p – 240FPS
  • 720P – 480FPS

Is there a notification light?

Yes! Right beside the charge port.

What shortcomings does the ZenFone 7 have according to the reviewers and observers?

  • no headphone jack
    • our comment: people who have wireless ear buds or headphones swear by them. There is good reason for that. Less is never more but it will be 2021. You still want to avoid trying wireless?
  • price
    • our comment: who doesn’t want cheaper?
  • it’s big
    • our comment: not much to say on this other than the ZenFone has never been about small sizes.
  • it’s heavy
    • our comment: truth be told it’s almost exactly the same weight as fruit phone 11 pro max.


How to pre order and buy a ZenFone 6 (2019) ZS630KL

Update August 29: The ZenFone 6 has proven itself and it a GREAT option to buy. We look at a recent Reddit thread where long-time owners of the ZenFone 6 give a rating out of 10. A majority put it at 9 or 8 after having used it and owned it. Reddit is a tough crowd, but an honest crowd. The ZenFone 6 is a winner and worthy of your money. Now the harder part is where can you buy one. If you want one, don’t wait for sale prices or the cheaper model because the stock is low and supplies will be gone entirely. Most online retailers show no stock, so we are hopefully saving you some hassle with links and information.

Buy Now Links:

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Link #2: $659 USD – Silver – 6GB/128GB – Free Expedited Global Shipping – eBay


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US/Canada – Want an ROG Phone 3 instead? It’s available now.

There has been much debate about ASUS’ intent on bringing the ZenFone 7 to more markets. The original statement from ASUS suggested 5G compatibility issues were the reason why some markets like North America would not get a ZenFone 7 release. We can’t say whether the arrival of the 5G enabled ROG Phone 3 will influence a ZenFone 7 release, but we can say if you want the ROG Phone 3 instead, you can order it now.

Don’t be shocked at the price here. You’re looking at the best of the best and some features that no other manufacturers are offering.

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US ROG Phone 3 pricing:


  • 12GB/512GB


  • 16GB/512GB

Of course the North American network bands are important. Here they are:

GSM 3G/3.5G

  • UMTS, HSPA+: 850, 900, 1700, 1900, 2100 MHz


  • LTE: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 12, 13, 17, 18, 19, 20, 25, 26, 28, 29, 30, 32, 34, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 48, 66 Bands


  • n1, n2, n3, n5, n28, n41, n66, n71, n77, n78, n79 Bands

What does this North American ROG Phone 3 release mean for a possible ZenFone 7 release?

This is a very curious situation for us. Nothing official yet from ASUS that clearly states the ZenFone 7 is coming to the US and Canada. Yes, there have been reports of ASUS support telling customers that the ZenFone 7 is coming to North America but there is an element of uncertainty on those reports.

ASUS stated the 5G compatibility was the primary reason for not bringing the ZenFone 7 to the US and Canada. Well, it certainly appears that the ROG Phone 3 and its 5G capability show that the ZenFone 7 has no issues in coming as well. It’s a common sense argument but that only applies if compatibility was the ONLY reason ASUS decided not to release it in North America.

Not to be a downer, but it all comes down to the FCC filings. If you consider it would be 4-6 weeks minimum from a published FCC filing, we are getting awfully late into the year now. It wouldn’t be shocking if ASUS was to make the ZenFone 7 available in the US and Canada by late November, so we hope to see a filing in the next couple of weeks. It would be extremely strange to see the ZenFone 7 being brought to North America in December or early 2022.

Stay tuned to our website, as we monitor many sources for a possible North American release!

ASUS forbids early reviews from publishing camera results. Bravo!

Did you miss this unique part of the ASUS ZenFone 7 launch? ASUS did not allow websites with review units to publish camera results in their early reviews. Smart move we say!

This has been something we’ve commented on in the past and it’s great to see ASUS has taken positive action. Can we toot our own horn on this one? Not to suggest we had anything to do with this but it’s an unusual request by a company and it’s something you don’t see others doing.

The dilemma is this. Who gets the early review units so that when the product is unveiled those reviews hit the web moments after the launch event? You guessed it. The titans of tech. The Engadgets of the word with their millions of readers get the early review units and those early impressions have a massive and prolonged impact on how a product is viewed.

We have followed enough ZenFone launches to know that the camera is the most tweaked aspect of the phones right after launch. There is plenty of optimization that takes place right at the front end of a ZenFone product launch. Of course these firmware roll-outs take place AFTER those early reviews get published onto the world wide web.

The madness of course is that photo and video samples hit those early reviews that millions of people see. The tweaks and improvements via firmware updates are forgotten about. The damage has already been done in a sense. It’s not like the big tech websites will go back and update their camera reviews after various firmware and optimizations that ASUS rolls out like clockwork.

So ASUS made the bold move. They made some stipulations this time around. As a number of early reviewers mentioned they would love to show some photo and video samples but ASUS asked them not to post any as the firmware on those review units was not fully optimized and tweaked.

We are a bit selfish on this subject because we depend on the ZenFone series doing well. We thought it rather unjust to know that such high traffic reviews may not be accurate and representative of the ZenFone capabilities. So we will simply say thank you to ASUS for listening! Give yourself a fair shake.

Oh, before we close this one out, uncle ASUS, do you think you could request reviewers disclose their software version(s) used for the basis of their review? Some minor complaints in reviews are sometimes whisked away with a new software update but readers would never know otherwise.

ASUS support says ZenFone 7 coming to the US, but is it true?

Note: You can now buy a ZenFone 7 with global shipping. Details here.

Oh, the highs and lows of it all. In a rather peculiar turn of events, it seems that the ZenFone 7 may in fact see a release in the US. That in turn would mean a release in Canada as well. We say take the report(s) with a grain of salt, however.

We pretty much love everything ASUS does but we’ve also experienced some differing statements from time to time. In dealing with ASUS support sometimes you get a slightly different story depending on who you speak to. Great people, but a lot of products can cause confusion as there are so many moving parts.

So does one statement from an ASUS support person count as an official statement by ASUS? No, it certainly does not but let’s look at what was said.

First, credit tounhingeddonkey from Reddit who shared his experience today. He contacted ASUS support and asked the question about the ZenFone 7 release for the US. This is what the support person said:

My name is Adrian D, I appreciate the time out you have taken to notify us of your concern. I see that you are reaching out to get information the on the ASUS Zenfone 7 And I will be happy to assist. Yes the Zenfone 7 will launch in the US but we do not have a time frame on it as yet.

So it’s quite shocking to see a definitive “yes” to the question. As we want to keep our feet on the ground it’s also possible that this support person has the wrong information. Nobody wants Adrian D to get in trouble right? I’m sure they meant well and hopefully he didn’t misspeak. We think this story will have legs!

In the same Reddit thread, this too was shared:

Thank you for contacting ASUS Online Support. My name is Jodi-Ann B. I hope all is well and I will be more than happy to assist you. Based on your interaction, I see where you are inquiring on the release date of the Zenfone 7 within the US. Thank you for being interested in our product and we welcome you to the ASUS family. At this time there is no release date available for the Zenfone 7 and the device will be available within the US region.

In that quote there could be a slight communication issue. Did support really just say the device will be available within the US region? A little bit confusing at the end of the statement. There is no release date but it will be available within the US region? You could certainly interpret the comment that way.

The reason we’re entertaining this suggestion is because of one other piece of information we read today. This nugget comes the way of the ASUS ZenTalk forums via the member guntherguerra:

Thank you for your interest in our products and services. I understand that you’re looking to confirm when the ASUS Zenfone 7 will become available for purchase. Sorry to say, we too have not yet been informed of the official release date by the Marketing team. As the device still goes through the introductory phase, I do urge that you keep up to date with information from the ASUS news and edge up websites.

These statements from ASUS have come in the past two days. One statement could be considered wishful thinking but in combination or in totality, maybe something has changed. We can say for sure that the word “no” didn’t come up, so that’s a very big positive!

As a Reddit member says, “Hopefully they are working on VoLTE support for US carriers since most of them are axing their old networks next year.”

Although we have recently suggested a 4G version of the ZenFone 7 would be an ideal and cheaper solution, we would be happy if ASUS has managed to work out compatibility issues and can actually move forward with a US and Canada release. This news may open the door for other countries as well, but who knows. As it stands now, there is still nothing 100% official on this just yet. We prefer to see a post by ASUS on Twitter or on one of their social networking platforms as a true confirmation.

We should also note that the ROG Phone 3 is a 5G device and is planned for North America. If the ROG Phone 3 can be configured it didn’t make sense what the issue was with the ZenFone 7. This said, we’ve spotted US listings for the ROG Phone 3 which have since been removed, along with no FCC filing. This leads us to believe that ASUS had some work to do behind the scenes or faced a roadblock or two that has delayed the ROG Phone 3 release in North America. We believe that information is relevant to what we’re seeing with the ZenFone 7.

So share with us. Do you think enough has been said and you trust ASUS support staff on declaring this true? We are almost there on believing it, but we aren’t quite convinced just yet.

[sources: Reddit / ZenTalk]